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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mav, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Sweet it's absolutely thundering down in North Sydney at the moment.

    Good chance improve my skills!

    Mind you i'll be robbing the first homeless man i see of all his plastic bags before i leave.

    Here's to a safe ride home!
  2. haha. I left the SCG because it felt bad. now home near manly and it's starting to rumble...

  3. Yep, I'm about to brave it myself with new tyres on my beautiful new bike. Fortunately I've brought my wet weather gear though.
  4. hey now you get to try out the "Rain" mode on the Shiver! :)

    me, i've just one setting...forward.
  5. Hey I'd forgotten about that rain setting - as luck would have it the rain appears to have stopped now, maybe I should wait for it to return.
  6. Same here ](*,) must pack the waterproofs in the morning
  7. Started bucketing down at the Sydney airport around 4pm and looking out the window, I was shitting myself, fortunately by 5pm the rain stopped - not even a sprinkle on my way home.
  8. Pouring down here, rode to work in it. Its good fun if you let it be fun. Otherwise it sucks.
  9. Honestly - Its just water!.

    Living in Mlb, and commuting daily, you just get used to it.
    Dress appropriately, take your time, and enjoy.

    Should be within your skillset, or give up.
  10. It is now!

    even had mud flooded section on pacific highway to ride through, i was giggling my ass off
  11. I remember when I had my Dunlop Sportmax just before I got new tyres they were like riding on ice when it rained lol. The Pirelli SportDemons i have on there now loooove the rain, bit hard to get warmed up though...
  12. I'm still new to bikes but I didn't find the rain too bad first time I rode in it, I was defiantly stiff but towards the end of the ride I was feeling a little loose and ready to get my freak on... but I suppose theirs confidence and over-confidence.

    I trust my [developing] skill set but I don't trust other road users skill set, I've been cut off numerous times, just from still-starts at lights, I ride with trucks in left lane most mornings, and I try to stay out of their blind stops as much as possible, and I have cars that try and squeeze in the tiniest of gaps between trucks and other cars and try to get to the furthest right lane from the left one, without even staying in the middle lane for two seconds, I'm just like flap Australians can't drive for shit.

    It's basically like putting your life in their hands imo with you being pretty much next to invisible because generally it's pretty dark/overcast and all the people want to do is get to home/work/shops quicker to get out of the rain and they don't take as much notice imo - I notice it when I'm a passenger in a cage more as well even with family and friends, and I'm holding onto the belt and side arm rest for dear life.

    BOM Today: Showers. Chance storm (Sydney).
  13. lol x 10 at this.

    here in sydney we enjoy the occasional rain shower ( which is all we get ) and I still love it when we get this type of rain.

    it just aint that common. I swear you guys south of the border have an aquaman webbed feet thing going....
  14. Melbourne's forecast this weekend is for thunderstorm activity with scattered heavy showers.
    Unless I have a need to, I wont 'choose' to ride in it. If you do have to, at least it's that time of year where the roads can hold some heat..even over night.
    Having being exposed to it over the years I don't feel nervous in it though...unless the wind is howling too...that is my least favorite riding thing.

    So long as you have the gear..even the cheapo rainsuits can really help repel the embarrassing post ride wet spots. If you are dry and comfy then you can relax and ride..rather than the mental battle of 'me against the elements'....'and cagers'.
    I have been caught out though, where it was a 'summer mesh jacket day' but the sky clouded in and opened up over a few hours.It was like riding into a carwash.
    Once you are soaked through you cant get any wetter..unless you took ya helmet off in it too. You just have to try to relax ..adjust speed for the wind chill and trundle on.
    You never get fully at peace with the 'bum crack to boots river' that can happen on longer wet rides though.