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Thundercat receiving some much needed TLC!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by ReadyRampGeoff, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. G'day All! Well as the title suggests, I've been using my 'Daddy Day' that I have with my 4 year old son, to teach him a thing or two about bikes, by stripping and rebuilding my YZF600R Thundercat. I had no preconceived ideas when I started what that was going to entail...just get Jimmy to pull stuff off, clean it up and put it (hopefully) back together!

    Well, it's been about 6 months now, and we're at the turning point, where we can actually start bolting stuff back on!

    Would be great to hear from others that have done the same, and to hear about your favourite Thundercat mod.

    See you in the forums!
  2. Welcome RRG, Good to hear, start 'em young.
  3. Thanks CJVFR; just pulled together a 'Showcase' with a few photos...think it needs to be approved before it can be seen though ?

  4. Yes, you may be a bit short on the number of posts yet. I can see the Showcase as a mod but you may have to post a few more times before it is approved. Good to see you tacking something like this with a 4yo. Many would think it a but daunting to maintain a young blokes interest. Kids love looking at how things work though.

    A few more years before he can pillion though. :)
  5. Ah you're not joking there...It started out well enough, getting about 4-5 hours of attention while he was doing all the spanner work. Unfortunately that reduced to about 2-3 hours when we were doing the cleaning part...funnily enough I just couldn't get him interested in cleaning:-O (but i did get him to like the smell of WD40 eventually :ROFLMAO:)

    Since the school holidays and winter, we haven't even tried to get into the shed...too cold and his sister would feel left out, so we're not making good progress at the moment, although I will have the opportunity to rebuild the carbs, if the better half doesn't mind Carb cleaner on the kitchen bench (hey, if can't be any worse smell than fingernail polish remover!):LOL:

    I'm sure he'll get back into it once the weather warms up and we start to bolt big stuff back on...

    I would LOVE for him to be a pillion, but he's definitely not ready...I have been thinking about a little electric trials bike for him though...they're so cool!(y)
  6. Not a bad idea with the little trials bike. I am sure he would think it very cool.

    re Victorian Pillion laws, it used to be if they could get their feet on the footpegs it was OK. The rules have been changed now to a minimum age of 8 so he has a few years to wait.

    Perhaps some off road on a pee wee if shows some aptitude on the trials bike.

    Geelong Motorcross Club run a Juniors division I think: www.gmcc.net.au
  7. Yeah I've been thinking about that too. I was kinda toying with the idea of turning a Pee wee 50 into an electric bike (I'm an engineer after all...how hard can it be!) so he could use it in the (large) park behind our house...only one issue...he still has training wheels on his (pedal) bike and because his sister won't get off them, he's not going to either! So frustrating:bigtears:

    I've been thinking about a trials bike too, and perhaps if he saw me on it, he would want his own...not sure. I would love to do trials riding...I know theres a course in outer melbourne somewhere...think that might be an early birthday present!
  8. Great to hear you getting 'em started young. When my twin brother and I were three years old we used to be able to identify every car on the road by make and model. Dad put waiting in the car with us while mum shopped to good use!
  9. lol...funnily enough, the only Fjord that the kids knew at 3, was the one over the river in the park behind the house! Although, now it's a different story!

    Nothing like a little spanner action to get the kids interested...lego is all fine and well, but ratchet tools definitely command attention!