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Thundercat chain.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by warden, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. Right, I decided to change the chain and sprockets on my thundercat, no issues, have done it before, all good.....yes...but.

    I dropped one tooth down on the front sprocket, but cut the chain with the same number of links as the original, be the original was rather stretched.

    Should I have taken 1 extra link off, as 1 front = 3 rear, or shouldnt I be worrying about that.

    The reason im asking, is after changing all this, It was doing a rather weird swishing sound as I was riding. Pulled things apart, and made sure it was all aligned, ran out of light, and will test ride it tomorrow.....
    Any ideas as to why I get a swishing sound?

  2. No idea about the swishing sound...

    I have never taken any extra links of the chain... (except once by accident on a RGV250)

    I think as long as you keep the chain at right tightness it should be ok...
  3. Changed the front-sprocket for an aftermarket one?
    One without the rubber-silencers? (silencing-ramps)
    just guessing...
  4. I so forgot about that... yeah that could create a bit more noise... and I do thinke they are called cushion rubbers??
  5. So thats what they are.....
    Well damn....
    Probably why then.