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Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by davidnsw, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. after riding thunderbolts last weekend and noticing how bad the condition of the road is i was rather disapointed being my first time :evil:

    anyone else noticed this of that road, im talking about the section from walcha towards gloucester .


  2. David I have found only the first 12 odd km out of Walcha is always shite, although they recently re-surfaced acouple of km just out of Walcha.

    In Oct last year due to lots of rain, the section past the lookout down the steep long hill towards the river crossing was pretty bad, loose gravel and holes the size of graves all over the road, it was closed heading to Walcha and we used the other side of the road going down the hill.

    With all the recent rain the area has had repair crews have prob been flat out, so anything they repair will prob just be a quick and lovely job, and then next rain it washes out again. Usually they are the only 2 sections that are a worry...
  3. It's a fun road to ride, but not ideal for sports suspension on a few sections.

    From Gloucester to the bottom of the mountain is slowly getting upgraded surface, but the patches on patches are part of its character :cool:

    The climb up the mountain is in fairly good repair, but with trucks and heavy rain some potholes will form.

    IMHO the section from Walcha to the lookout is overall in pretty good conditon :?

    Well at least you've got the Oxley, but again from Wauchope, plenty of patched road as well till you get to the mountain climb which again is pretty good road.
  4. I took a spin up to walcha via TB's two weeks ago and while it's surface is no race track i choose it over the pacific dieway or the old england.
    I suppose with all the talk about what a great ride it is, some might expect it to be a well maintained road but you have to remember it's a side road basically.
  5. well it wasnt unridable.....unlike that loggin trail we went on :shock:
  6. The last bit into Walcha I found to be boring, mainly because it's mostly straight. The climb to the lookout is excellent. Can't say I had any complaints on the road surface myself.
  7. I was thinking this as well, it's rarely over-policed, quiet countryside compared to multi-laned speedtraps on route1; usually always use this route north along with (Bucketts), Waterfall Way, then Summerland way (that's 4-ways to QLD :LOL: :LOL: )
  8. That's the bit I like :LOL: :LOL: My 350kg cruiser does not handle twisty corners too well (at least not with me in the saddle :LOL: ) GIve me sweeping curves over tight twisties any day :)
  9. there are two good things about tunderbolts.
    1/ its in the middle of nowhere, so i can ride to my speed limit
    2/ it leads to the oxley hwy

    its not the sort of road where you need peg scrapping to make you know you are alive.

    the heavy rain of late has really fcuked up the roads in that area (entire sections have been washed away), and they arent high priority in the grand scheme of things
  10. Never really noticed the road condition :shock: Going too fast to really check it out.... You're right Dom at least it does lead to the Oxley :grin:
  11. A few bumpy bits out of Walcha from the rain, rest is S-U-P-E-R-B :dance:

  12. Bloody hell, what a top photo.... :)
  13. Just been over it twice on Sunday and Monday. Can't really see the fuss about the bumpiness on that road, compared to something like the stretch between Legume and Woodenbong on the NSW border area.

    Had a good ride in the dry, and in the wet too.