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Thunderbolts Way

Discussion in 'Video Logging' at netrider.net.au started by openroad7, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Road: Heading south on Thunderbolts Way between Walcha and Gloucester NSW
    Bike: 2000 Yamaha XJR1300
    Date: January 2016

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  2. Cool, scenic stretch along there, you do the Oxley as well?
  3. Wow that road seems a lot narrower than when I traveled it last...
    Interesting to see hire that dappled light plays up with the camera as well as with your eyes...
  4. Yeah Hillsy. The Ox has it all .. long beautiful stretches and the intense twisties it's famous for. It was wet the day I rode it, so I look forward to a faster ride in the dry next time, with a mandatory stop at Gingers Creek Roadhouse of course.
  5. Same thing happened to me my first ride on the Oxley, I was back the very next week when it dried up ;)
  6. Cool vid... makes me want to ride it again!

    What camera did you use and where did you mount the camera on the bike? :)
  7. I wish ... last year beginning of May, traveled this in torrential rain. Visibility 5 meters if that. Started snowing - sleet at Glen Innes, thought I'd ride it out due to senior cit m/c clubbies, the majority of which were on expensive armchairs, booking everything out, chill factor about minus 5 (reminded me of riding thru the Black Forest in late autumn) - didn't happen.
    Should have taken up the offer of a couch & local beer via friendly assistants at the Matilda servo - Uralla.
    $130 a night at the motel on the way out of Gloucester (pub was all booked) but the hot shower, dryer & excellent hospus was worth it.

    Thank dog for the 'black ice' road training in europe/ canada is all I can say (they make a beer in Ontario, Molsen brewery, of the same name).

    The other 100 plus times I've done this run on 2 wheels has been an absolute pleasure when the traffic is light on.

    Note: the road surface was totally fkd in some places. Straight concreted section, maybe 10 clicks of it, out of Walcha a surprise. Not maintained etc.
  8. Thunderbolts way is a great ride. Bit bumpy at times but definitely nice views.