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thunderbolts way

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pom80y, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Me and a mate are planning to rise from Newcastle up to Gloucester then walcha, Tamworth and finishing up at nundle at a,mates place.

    Has anyone recently road up this way?

    How is the state of the road?

    Is there enough servos?

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Last time we rode up there was in September. There was quite a few stretches of roadworks (dirt road) on the southern end towards Buckett's Way but they might be finished now.

    You can get fuel at Gloucester and that'll see you through to Walcha :)

    I would maybe consider going up the freeway to Port MacQ and then going up via the Oxley instead. Have fun :)
  3. Was thru there about a month ago & road was shite. Lots of potholes & loose gravel so be carefull
  4. :-s Ummm,...... are you rising from the dead,.. or just going to hover or something...??

    Just wanted to know who I'm dealing with here is all....... :p

    mate, southern end in particular is shiite....... you could look at serious damage to your nether regions...... thats if you ever find them again, travelling that goat track at the moment.

    Mad if you dont do the Oxley anyway...... ;P
  5. The ox rox!
  6. Bugger.

    Was hoping for a decent ride.

    I thought buckets/thunderbolts was supposed to be one of the best rides in nsw.

    I don't know if I can sell riding further the wrong way on a highway for three hours to my mate.

    Any other ideas?
  7. Just do it then. It's all experience :)

    Thunderbolt's isn't a great road. There's some twisties in the south but the surface isn't good enough to fully commit. The north is huge open straights where you can see a few kms ahead. The Oxley is better because it's full of corners, but you might still enjoy thunderbolt's. Give us a ride report.
  8. Will do.

    Cant see getting much use out of the straights with double demerits in place. I would definately prefer better corners, maybe we will come home on the oxley.

    Cheers for advice.
  9. Inland to the coast is downhill on the Ox,and when I say down hill, 100ks plus of 35kph corners downhill is huge fun but murder on the wrists.Heading west is the perfered option and by perfered I mean its in the top 3 roads in OZ.You would be mad to go all that way and miss it.
  10. Did this in January - some gravel on Thunderbolts and a few potholes caused by the rain. If you're there, do the Oxley as well, but get up there early (i.e. before 9) to avoid the trucks and cars etc. You can stay the night in Ginger's Creek (middle of the Oxley hwy) too, if you like.

    Be very wary of the trucks, though. I was behind a few that kept an average of 80kph, with mostly 35km corners, and had to swerve onto the shoulder to avoid one 75% of the way into my lane. Probably the most dangerous road I've been on, but only after 9AM :)
  11. Made the trip last weekend.

    Rode up Bucketts then onto Thunderbolts and across the Oxley from Walcha inllands (I know its the wrong stretch).

    The road itself was pretty good until you hit Gloucester Shire. Once you get there, there are a lot of resurfaced pot holes and made you concentrate a lot on your lines and it got a little too stressful for a country ride ;)

    Once through the shire, onto Thunderbolts, up and over the hills, the road straightens out and is some lovely flat recent tarmac. Amazing scenery, but not the most exciting stretch of road.

    When we turned at Walcha, again the roads we mostly straight and pretty good surfaces so no complaints there.

    All in all a good ride :)
  12. I'm doing the northern part of that Road and turning at Walcha.

    Looking forward to it.

    Glad you had fun. Even crap roads can be fun if your in the right frame of mind.

    Right tool for the right job. Unfortunately I'm always the wrong tool 8-[