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thunderbolts fatality

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Prawns, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Just hearing about a fatal bike accident on the thunderbolts way on the scanner (bike vs car) I hope its nobody from here :(
    If anybodys up that area keep a eye out for a oil spill over the next couple days

  2. just heard of one in the nowra area too (on the scanner)
    still waiting for more info....
    ditto on the hope its nobody from here :(
  3. Damn. Can we have a bike fatality free weekend please?
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  5. Strike - not good at at all :( any more on the Thunderbolts one?
  6. Nooo.... Not more riders down... :( :( :(
  7. I havnt heard anything else on the thunderbolts accident (I only just caught the end of it on the scanner)

    I do have a rego number though if anybodys worried its somebody they know I can pm them it.

    Theres a ride organised up there soon - Take it easy guys the thunderbolts has again shown its not to be taken lightly, or at speed, and Im sure none of us want to be reading about yas in the near future (except for a ride report)

    Dont forget your cameras though the scenery up there is breathtaking :)
  8. Thunderbolts is generally a good road. It aint somewhere that you would want to do timetrials but if you show it some respect it won't bite. Don't know the details about the downed rider - it may have had nothing to do with the road eg. driver pulling out in front of him or a "haggis moment". He could have been riding very safely and there may have been nothing he could have done about it. I took it relatively easy and did the speed limit the whole way and don't remember even one corner giving me a moment. Not like the Nasho or Lemmings Corner at Wollombi. Those places will bite hard if you show any disrespect.
  9. Hmm I had a completely different experience when I did thunderbolts -

    I had 2 decent "brown" moments (bike chattering nearly off the road- lack of experience mainly I guess) and my workmate ended up actually coming off near the bridges and having to ute his bike back (he complained of a sore chest, turns out his mobile phone in his pocket broke a rib) but otherwise he was ok.

    This was years ago tho and the governments been spending alota cash on blackspot funding in that whole area - I might have another stab at it if its come along that much - Ive only ever ridden it the once and that scared me off since!

    I still havnt done Wollombi - but I have heard about lemmings corner alot around the traps, must be one bastard of a corner to catch so many out
  10. Quick story on this one - rider in his 60's on a Ducati S2 of all things. Too hot into a tight downhill left hander and ran wide and into the path of an oncoming car. No second chance unfortunately.
  11. So, what about coming on the Three Points Ride? Thunderbolt's is the centrepice of the ride.....

    Lemmings corner is strangely innocuous, but I guess that's why it traps a lot of people. The road leading to it in both directions IS twisty, but it's a lot tighter than the other corners, so that's where the catch is. Plus, as I recollect, it's slightly downhill heading north (??)
  12. I wont put my name down as a definate for the 3points ride as unfortunatly getting friday off isnt a option for me :( Im the only person at work on fridays, and I would have to close the whole place down to do this ride which would prolly get me sacked if the boss found out why I wasnt at work!

    Apart from that, my wife works half a day on sundays which means I also get babysitting duties (and we need the $$ to keep me in tyres hahaha) Makes it harder on these group rides.

    Leave it with me though perhaps I can organise somthing - cross your fingers for me!