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Thunderbird Vs Vegas 8 Ball

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by JaScoot, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to hear riders opinions on which bike to choose between a Triumph Thunderbird (ABS) and a Victory Vegas 8 Ball.
    If it makes a difference I am fast approaching 40, have not riden in a long time, would like to use the bike more often than not, not looking for a multi day tour bike. work and back and an hour or two on the weekends.

  2. mmm my next bike will be a Victory but not for another 2 yrs... Victory are still new to the market and i don't know how reliable they are... where Trumpy have been around for YRS and YRS and should have there faults all sorted.... Victory in my eyes look better..
  3. I'm interested in a comparison between these bikes (the thunderbird storm anyway) as well since I will be looking into making a choice later this year. So its still early days yet for me I haven't done a lot of research, just trying to decide which I like better to look at still lol. Anyhow, I have been into the Victory showroom and the salesman there mentioned Victory's have a big advantage in servicing intervals - I haven't verified this yet but if its true it should be a factor in your decision.

    EDIT: forgot to mention, same sales guy said if I am serious to come back when Im ready to buy and he would organise a day loan for a proper test ride. I guess they are using every angle to get people onto the bikes being a new brand and all, this was at the victory dealership on parramatta rd in sydney, not sure if they are all doing it....
  4. you could look at it this way.. go onto bike sales.. there are hardly any 2nd hand Victorys on there well in NSW anyway.. so that could be a good thing as people are loving there bikes or no one is buying them and the ones that are for sale only have low ks WHY ????

    either way i am buying a victory in 2 yrs
  5. I was doing a few rides with @Scott1106 around Kangaroo Valley/Mac Pass a week or two ago. He got a new Thunderbird in November I think, and is very happy with it - putting a few thousand k's on it in just 2 months. He could give give some more specific feedback though.
  6. I am looking at a Thunderbird storm or Hammer as my next cruiser, it's not an easy choice or I would have done it already. Like them both.
  7. Thanks guys,
    The salesmen at both stores have been very helpfull to date.
    I like the look of the Vegas, more modern and sharper, but I know the triumph is a better bike, ABS twin disks, suspension, handling, ride comfort.
    I am going to test ride both over the next week and hopefully that will help.
    I will need to spend a bit on the Vegas, passenger seat and pegs, pipes (standards are very tame)
    Not that I am planning on selling the bike but am concerned about Victory resale value.
    I am only going to get one shot at this, so I need to be sure.
  8. Victory don't have a huge presence in Australia but they are hardly new, they have been around for a few years in America, they are a part of large Polaris group and they certainly have the resources to back up their bikes... I would suggest looking to US-based forums for opinions on Victory. From what I've read, once US riders manage to get away from HD and actually get onto a Victory, they seem pretty happy with their choice. It's only the initial reluctance that is the problem.
  9. Never ridden the Tbird before but i imagine those twin front discs + abs would be a huge leap over the vegas.

    I love my vegas. Brakes are kinda shit but nothing i can't get used to. I find the rear bites abit too hard too quickly and the front is a little spongy. I guess if it were that big a deal, I wouldn't be riding a cruiser.

    Actually, from what i've read, I'm quite sure the tbird will outperform the vegas in just about any test, but the first time I saw a victory I had a sudden urge to fap - which is why i bought one. It also happens to be a decent bike overall which is a bonus.

    ps service intervals every 8000kms i think. will check the manual later
  10. In the end the only way to make the decision is to ride them both. Unfortunately this could end up with you liking them both. So then it comes down to after sales service and support and obviously dollars. I'd imagine the Trumpy would be cheaper to buy and maintain than the Victory.
  11. Tough comparison, they both get great reviews.
    For me though, if I want an American 'style' of bike, I'll buy American.
    If I wanted a pommy bike, I'd get a Thruxton.
    But that's me and not you. Don't worry about resale or dealer network, that can change overnight. Buy what you want today, for today.
    My 0.02c+Carbon Tax.
  12. First of all don't listen to salesmen they have a agenda,, I was going to trade my rocket on a victory crossroads , but whilst in the melb store i asked about what if i had a warranty issue , what happens i'm in Adelaide

    The answer was we have a Polaris store in Adelaide , to which my reply was I know them, they sell scooters , golf buggies , quad bikes , wheres the technology for new model bikes becaUSE I WOULD'NT TAKE MY NEW BIKE THERE. , ... Then i was told don't worry we would fly a mechanic over , Errr right , I did'nt buy one ,.

    But my mate did alls i know is this , my T bird , could out run his, and out perform the victory in EVERY department .

    Regards , Resale value , well he traded his crossroads which cost him 32 grand just over 12 months ago with asseccories, on a high ball only a couple months ago , and he got less than 20 grand , he dropped A LOT , and that was taking it to the dealer he bought it from , Still he thinks he done ok so who am i to disagree .

    On the other hand i paid $22.400 for my T bird 18 months ago , and sold it 3 weeks ago first buyer giving me the asking price of $18,500 , with 2 more telling me if it fell through they would be happy to pay what i was asking .

    Top and bottom is the vICTORY a good bike, course it is ,all bikes nowadays are good bikes , but could it out perform the T bird , giving riders of similar skills riding both, the t bird wins hands down , every time . resale value , well you will find it hard to find any of them secondhand ,because there relativily new in Aust .
    But if i was my mate i would of been spewing to pay 32 grand , and then only get 17 grand from the dealer 12 months later , Still thats what he has to pay to be in his words different to the Harley riders .
  13. Well I have made my choice and more than happy with my Storm. I didn't look at the Victory didn't interest me. Have changed the seat for Dual Longhaul Seat due to having a pillion on the majority of the time.
    The service interval for the Storm in 10000Kms, the dealer did suggest changing the oil at 5000Kms but that is up to me, which I think I will do my self.
    Good luck on your choice do your research and buy what you like.
  14. Thanks for the comments, all very helpful.
    I am definitely leaning towards the Triumph.
    I read a review comparison that equated the Vegas 8 Ball to a show pony and the Thunderbird to a thoroughbred work horse.
    Keep the opinions coming. :)
  15. Just to throw a spanner in the works , Go the ROCKET , its a bit big in carparks and a bit heavy manouvering around , ,, but heh you don't buy a bike to circle target do you .

    But once moving above 20klm per hour , its easy to ride and will do anything the T bird will do , only with more grunt , Its a awsome bike I sold my t bird and kept the rocket so i've put my money where my mouth is . . If big bikes don't scare ya ,, give it a go you may be suprised .
  16. If you're into modifications.. check out the factory 'big bore' kit for the Triumph as well - it takes it out from 1300 to 1500cc and gives a good boost of power and torque over the whole rev range. Motojourno reviews say its much improved over stock and definitely suited to those that like the odd bit of hooliganism.

    FWIW, the Thunderbird is also reputedly one of the best - if not the best - handling cruisers on the market today.

    Cheers - boingk
  17. I'm not sure which Triumph this is that boingk is talking about because the Thunderbird is 1600 and the Storm is 1700
  18. Sorry mate you're completely right. The Thunderbird is 1600cc and the Thunderbird 'Storm' with the engine upgrade is 1700cc. My mistake.

    Either way, both bikes would make a very nice ride. Just depends on what you make of them.

    Cheers - boingk
  19. Well Riders,
    I took the Vegas 8 ball for a weekend test ride and it just did not do it for me.
    Nice riding position, well positioned instruments, great look, but...
    Very clunky gears, noisier than the exhausts. Bit too much plastic and just lacking. I wanted more. Which means I have to spend more money.
    I think I could get the same joy from a M90 at $6k less.
    I will be riding the Triumph TBird next.
  20. TBird test ride over and bike purchased.
    SOOO Nice. Riding the Victory made the decision so much easier.