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Thunderbird LT

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mick64, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Hi guys,

    Have previously posted this question but seems I tacked it onto another thread, see how I go this time!

    Planning on uprading to new Thunderbird LT but before I outlay my hard earned I was hoping for some feedback from any owners of their experience with the bike.

    There are plenty of reviews from the media and mostly positive wich is a good start, but I want to know about the good and the bad from those that are riding them daily

    Look forward to hearing back

  2. In May this year I rode 3000km on an Lt through the national parks of America. It was a prize in a triumph competition. You can check it out on YouTube Triumph rides America.
    I usually ride a street triple so this was a big change. The bike was big and beautiful, very well made. Had to be careful around car parks as quite heavy but once moving it was quite light to handle. Perfect for the American roads, eats up the kms, super comfortable, no soreness or tiredness and we did about 400km each day for 8 days straight. Went through extreme heat, cold, snow, rain, hail, dust storm and very strong crosswinds and nothing bothered it. Had it up to 110mph approx 180k and it was easy and stable. We cruised at 80 to 90 mph. The screen was great. The panniers are excellent although the Velcro on the ends makes the clips hard to close. The internal waterproof bags were brilliant. You just pull them out at the end of the day and take to your room and pop them in in the morning. It was fine in the twisties but not like my street triple. Looks too much like a Harley but goes much better. One problem was the noise, I didn't like the exhaust sound. I would change the pipes. The seat and riding position were amazing but I found the side stand a big reach to pull in. We had 15 bikes some had pillions and they had no complaints. I would definitely recommend it for cruising. Big, bold and beautiful. Cheers
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  3. Good review PJ. I was converted to Trumpys myself after 36 yrs of HD's, as a result of winning the Australian gig as part of the worldwide Seeking Explorers tour through Spain & Morocco. LOVE the mighty Explorer, but also VERY interested in the Thunderbird LT particularly given its pricing and the quality I know Triumph provide, PLUS decent handling and suspension, something you could never accuse HD of!
  4. I heard you guys had a ball on the Morocco trip and I know what you mean about HD. The Thunderbird is class.
  5. Thanks for the review PJ!

    I entered for that trip also and was so jealous of whover had won it, well done.

    The stand seems to be a common negative and I have found the same problem when I test rode, could you elaborate on the complaints by the riders with pillions?

    Thanks Mick
  6. I have a guy with one at the end of my street: I know what you mean about the noise :LOL: .....
  7. I heard zero complaints with pillions. One guy with pillion ran out of fuel before the rest, so they use slightly more fuel. But pillions didn't seem a problem. It's a big roomy bike.
  8. Misread your first post about the pillion, thanks for the info.

    Cheers Mick