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thunder Hyper charger for Yamaha V Star 1300

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LJ62, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. I put a thunder Hyper charger on the other day it increased the power of the bike by heaps and the first tank of fuel I got an extra 15km out of what I usually get when just cursing, only this time I was on the free way @ 120-130 kmh as well as up and down mountain ranges with twisty corners as well as a few full throttle bursts just to test the power difference.
    Just thought that I would add this as I saw some where that some one took theres off because of the extra fuel that it used so was keen to watch to see what mine was

  2. Could you give me more details?? From where? How much? What actualli is it? a air intake?? Thanks Vossy
  3. **** me thats fast are you dead yet?
  4. I usually never run out of fuel when cursing, as I am cursing because the bike has broken down.
  5. O'h why does a simple request attract garbage???
  6. No I am not ?
  7. then why the ? at the end of the sentence
  8. I am not a sports bike rider with a death wish like some! I have had my off @ over 200kmh and survived it when I was 21 half a life time ago, a few grazers and a broken bone in my hand thought I faired preity well all in all, so now I am just happy with the crusers particualy the ones that will handel and just sit back and enjoy the ride :)
  9. Hey, that's great! (y)

    Got any proof?

  10. sorry i thought you meant that you didnt know if you were dead yet
  11. dont need any, I wasent trying to prove anything I was just saying, that all take it or leave it makes no differance to me

  12. Usually claims of increased performance are accompanied by before & after Dyno runs, except in the case of things that don't actually do anything except lighten your wallet...

    Oh, wait...

    I'm glad you're happy with it.
  13. on my 1100 it gained about 12 hp and pipes with a Dyna 3000 15hp on the dyno but never had to dyno the 1300 as I have a cobra Fi2000 powerPro With BUB Jugg Hugger pipes and Thunder Hyper Charger so I would guess it would be over the 15HP all I know is that the difference between stock and now is that if you hit the throttle you had better be hanging on or you have a good chance the your but will be on the ground
  14. they're just a ram induction aren't they??
    pretty expensive way to go about it IMO
  15. Thanks LJ it does make sense 'have to start saving...
  16. Fair enough, 15Hp is a nice gain, what did the 1100 start with?

    As far as I can see, yes, but with more airflow also.
  17. It was The XVS 1100 thet are 48 HP Stock and with the mods it was 63 HP even after 100,000 Km it was still at 63hp (y)
  18. Nothing to do with or directed at LJ62.

    Why is that a lot of stuff to do with cruisers is made to sound so red-necked and retarded!
    Is this some kind off Harley mimickery going on, or is that the mfrs are naming things in a fashion that will sound desirable to a cruiser rider..cheeses.

    Sports bikes get rearsets, full system pipes, power commanders, etc.
    There is no 'hubba-chump intake happer-zapper' to fit on a sports bike!

    I just couldn't admit having that sh!t on my bike, to anyone!
  19. I don't think it's specifically a cruiser thing but more of a Yank market thing. Have a look at some of the ludicrous names the auto manufacturers named things in the 50s and 60s and you can see where the tendency has come from.

    Mind you, the Japanese manufacturers' obsession with meaningless acronyms on their more sporting offerings isn't really any less daft.