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Thunder bike racing, Victoria

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by jdaley, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. The HMRAV is developing a Historic Thunder Bike series at its Historic race meetings. Starting at the Southern Classic in Oactober at Broadford.
    Any, 650cc 750cc and open capacity, twin or triple four stroke engine thats log booked can enter. Thunder Bikes can straddle the tracitional racing P3 and P4 periods.
    If you have a bike please enter or let us know about it. The race will be conducted with another class until numbers build enough to have a separate class.
    So please get out in the shed and get something going.

    call us on 03 9568 8047 bh for more information or go to www.hmrav.org soon.
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  2. Sounds like an awesome class of racing to watch and listen to. Hope it really takes off :)
  3. Hey John, when you say "log booked", does that mean older models, not modern 675 Triumphs and the like?
  4. 675's race in Thunderbikes yeh? my bike raced in 09 and 2010 in the FX Thunderbike series.
    I'm interested ..
  5. anything that puts more classes out there for people to race in is awesome.

    not everyone wants to race a 600cc inline 4 (or can afford to)
  6. I changed the name to "Historic Thunder Bikes" to remove confusion.
    We only run bikes that look right, leak oil and sound like a bike !
    Thanks for the heads up though.
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  7. My personal opinion is that the following machines would be very eligible
    650 Yammaha twins
    650 and 750 Triumphs, BSA's and Nortons.
    Ducatis, Moto Guzzi's,
    Laverdas. Moto Morini, H-D

    None of these are represented in Historic racing today, and yet in their day they were great.