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Thumpsters/Dirt Bikes/Pocket Bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Phillip, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Hi guys just after some advice.

    I live in a street that has several courts that run off it and there are a few young kids who live in the courts that own these thumpsters/pitbikes. Now don't get me wrong i know that they are just kids haveing fun but they have lately been riding their bike at night btw 9pm - 11pm.
    These bike have no lights, reflectors or any other safety devices on them so they can be seen at night. Look i don't mind them riding them during the day but there has to be some sort of limit.
    One of them got hit at christmas 2007 (he was ok as it was a very slow head on, shaken up more than anything) but have not seen him ride on the road again.
    My problem is
    1:a serious accident is waiting just around the corner!
    2:the mere sound of these bikes at night is so loud as they tear up and down the street. I've got a young son who wakes up when these bikes tear up and down the street, so its effecting his sleep, and if his sleep is effected then my sleep is also. . . :mad:
    I've tried calling the cops but by the time they arive the kids a far gone, i really don't want to approach the parents as i dont want to start any tensions within the street.

    Your suggestions and advice would be great. . . .:)

    Safe Riding. .

  2. Ball bearings allover the road. :twisted:

    Realistically, what can you do other than call the ****stablery and have them sort it out. If you don't want to approach the parents (who obviously think it's a good idea for these twerps to ride at night or even at all) there is not much else to do.
  3. Yeah the cops will generally arrive too late to get them.

    If you don't want to approach the parents then I suggest a late night anonymous letter drop into their letter boxes. Something along the lines of:

    Dear parent,

    As residents of X Street, we are concerned with regards to children frequently riding pocket bikes on the road at night. Not only is it extremely dangerous for the kids (and illegal), as they are riding in the dark without lighting or safety gear, the noise is extremely disruptive to the rest of the community. Whilst we don't wish to stop kids having fun, we respectfully request that you restrict your children from riding on the street, and from operating the pocket bikes past 8pm as per EPA and council residential noise regulations.

    If children continue to ride at night and on the streets we will have no recourse but to report it to the council and to the police, and we would much prefer not having to do so.

    Kind regards,

    Concerned residents of X Street.
  4. +1 for concerned community member letter

    play up on the SAFETY part of things as opposed to the noise, but throw that in there as a side note i guess
  5. you could also try a lynchmob :LOL:
  6. Organise a 3am group ride to the front lawn of the house where the kids live :LOL: .
  7. String some wire up
  8. :LOL: evil boy
  9. hope that was a joking comment and you forgot the j/k/:p ....if not what a stupid comment...thats the sort of thing i would expect to hear from cagers with grudges against riders.....not from a fellow rider :(
  10. You could do the neighbourly thing and mow their lawns for them, at about 5am
  11. pretty sure he was tongue in cheek stewy :wink:
  12. Yes, wire is silly and dangerous!

    String some fishing-line up...
  13. Thank god you finally saw reason Ktulu. I can't believe you would even joke about putting wire. Its way too easy for the little sh!ts to see.

    Fishing line is the perfect retribution, can't see that coming. good call, good call.
  14. Very nicely written letter, Bluesuede - strikes exactly the right tone. +1 for a mailbox drop with that.

    I just wish you could have somehow worked the words "CBF wiping the purrulent residue of your mutant inbred spawn off my bumper" in there.
  15. :LOL:

    Well he could always add that as a 'PS' at the bottom :wink:
  16. String up some piano wire :)
  17. *whoosh*

  18. BIG OUCH!!
  19. as of today.. the popo have authority to impound these bikes and release them after an $800 fine is paid withing 7 days..

    if not paid, they get crushed.. bwahahahaha..

    this was told to us today by 2 TMU's.. 1 was dropping his bike off for service.. the other was picking him up..

    also BTW.. P platers in cars are no longer allowed to talk on mobile phones.. even on handsfree kits, blue tooth or whatever.. just a blanket ban on talking on the phone..
  20. I'd spell purulent with one r though. :grin: