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"THUMPER" - What do you reckon?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Owen, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. I was just wondering what people thought of the old 1-cylinder engines?
    I am thinking of getting an srx250, because they are cheap, and easy to ride, only concern is they are 1 cylinder. \\ :shock:

  2. IMHO it depends on the sort of riding you want to do, but I'll leave the technical stuff to the experts of the forum!
  3. Hate them. The old single cyclinder engines are crap. Admittedley, they were the mainstay of motorcycle powerplants for over 100 years, have powered the SR500 for 30 years of continuous production, were revived by Suzuki for the DR650 and Freewind 650 (and transplanted into the Sachs 650 Roadster).

    Aside from the minor advantages of being mechanically robust, easy to maintain, cheap to run, and generally very torquey, they are the worst invention since whatever preceded sliced bread.

    You may have guessed, singles are my passion.
  4. I am particularly fond of Yam's SRX600 and will be on the lookout for one shortly. For me, the idea of a big(ish) single harks back to the grass roots of motorcycling.

    Just looking for some simple pleasure occasionally I guess.

    I reckon the above will also be impossible to find for sale in 10 years or so (tis hard enough already). Collect now!
  5. Of the 8 bikes I have, two are twins :) Thumpers are the way of the future. MotoGP will be back to 500cc singles within a decade. Superbikes will be weighted towards big singles. Hell even you Falcodore will be a single soon enough.

    At least with a single, if you drop a valve, you got a 100% of picking the cylinder to work on :)
  6. SUPERB!!!!! No help to the original poster, but SUPERB!
  7. Agreeeeed. You can praise their place in motorcycle history as an important stepping stone in the evolution... but if they were invented today, that inventor would go broke. Some things are best left as antiques.
  8. You mean single cyl leg busters ?

    Had a SP370 once for about a month till it nearly crippled me ,

    ever had a BIG single backfire halfway through a kick start ?
    it throws your foot off then tries to imbed the kickstart into the back of your calf muscle !!

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:

    Then when you stop dancing around like a pansy in pain , you realise you STILL have to try and start it so you can get home.................................. to BURN the evil thing !

    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I can forgive you for quoting me out of context - the exuberance of youth, I imagine :wink: But maligning the mighty thumper, the one-lung, is a despicable act. :p So now, I throw down the challenge - most noise, longest lifespan, fastest strip-and-rebuild, quickest carby balance - you name it (umm, except best top speed or standing quarter mile :( )
  10. Should have read the whole post, Dan, it was a wind-up!!! I nearly bit too, but I went back and read it again.
  11. How is the balance on a sinle cyl? and what about virbation, do ou have to constatly tighten everything?
  12. Suggest ganged hook rig with mudeye or worms. Berley is not required. Best catches after dusk. :D :D

    And now what I really think of singles....

    They make a great first bike. They are idiosyncratic - they can be noisy, they vibrate, they aren't as fast as a high-revving 250, yes you need to tighten or Loctite the fasteners. But you can work on it yourself and, because they are so simple, you'll not only learn to ride but also learn to maintain the engine. Valve adjustment, timing, carby tuning, even removing the head is sooo much easier on a single. I can't give you any guidance on whether paying a mechanic to service a single is cheaper because I've never needed to get someone else to do it.

    Depending on the bike, singles generally have a forgiving torque curve - no need to be constantly cog-swapping on the entry and exit of corners like some of the higher-revving multis.

    Fuel consumption is low (my 500 gets 360km from a 15 litre fill) and the low rev rate should see an engine that outlives equivalent sized multis (my redline is 7500rpm).

    As Bob points out, when a single bites back, your leg hurts. But that's a matter of technique and, if your bike is fitted with the electric leg, this won't be problem (and anyway, a kickstart-only bike is its own theft-protection).
  13. And so what do people think of the yamaha srx250?
    I know they are old, and single cil, but they are cheap....worth the bother? or is it gonna cost me and arm & a leg to get goign nicely?

    Not that it needs to run nicely, im a uni student, i just want transport...and some extra adrenaline!!

  14. So what's the problem with that? Got something better to do, like watch "Big Brothel" F'rinstance?
    Whaddaya need feeling in yer hands for anyway?
    Jeezuz, these kids...
  15. A bit gutless compared to a twin. Due to it's age any still present suspension components will be dead. Try to ride it like that and you'll find out how bad the frame really is.
    The last one like that I tried to ride just about bucked me off as we tried the curb at the end of the drive.
    What you loose on the swing you'll gain on the merry-go-round, buy something newer. Cheap buy often = ongoing repairs. For plain cheap-to-run a late-ish GN250 is hard to beat. For something more substantial, newer, still reasonably cheap (but substantially more initially) is a Hyosung Comet250.
  16. Pete's right; if you just want a cheap bike to putt to Uni, you should see if you can get a twin, and newer too, the younger it is the less thrashing it's might have had, the fewer bits you'll have to replace out of a limited budget.
  17. yeah, gpx looks like the go then.

  18. Don't go past the Honda CBX250; i recently had the pleasure of hearing one for the first time at LordTB's and it was magnificent!

    There's a certain raw character that comes from the small single; kinda like the same character that comes from an old vespa but minus the scooter wank. They sound brilliant, the throb with passion, and did i forget to mention my god they sound brilliant!

    Also, cheap. ;)