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Thumb controlled accellerators

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Suriag, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Search-fu comes up with nothing, apologise if it's a user fail.

    It's beginning to seem likely i'll not get full extension of my hand back at all after my wrist fracture... I did a real good job on the joint (another 3-6 months before knowing that for certain). But I did assert I wouldn't be giving up just because of one little off ;)

    So i'm wondering how expensive and/or road legal it is to modify the accellerator of a Scooter to work another way? (such as the thumb-operated quad bike thingoes)

  2. I would venture to say if you can prove that you need the modification due to a disability and the engineer signs off it has been done properly it could be possible
  3. Wot ML said (in WA at least).

    Motorcycle control configurations are legislated under the ADRs. However AFAIK, in all states there is provision for exemptions from compliance with the ADRs when modifying a vehicle for a driver/rider with a disability.

    So, yes, if you can provide evidence that you have a disability that prevents you from using a conventional twistgrip, you should be OK. Contact your local vehicle standards branch and they should be able to advise. Don't take no for an answer and you should end up speaking to someone who knows what they're talking about.

    If you're really lucky, you may not even need to get an engineer involved. Up until ~4 years ago WA probably wouldn't have required it for something like a throttle mod and may very well still not.
  4. Seadoo jetskis also have thumb throttle and I've ridden alot of them ,they aren't great to use as your hand is not ""locked on"" to the handle with your thumb and its hard to be smooth on bumps even on water ,not going down parramatta road.
    People change the thumb throttle to a Yamaha waverunner finger throttle ,your thumb is locked on to the handle bar and you have greater control will just useing your pointer finger.
    Lots of aftermarket companys make them.
    Google search PWC finger throttle or jetski finger throttle ...see if they could match up to your bike.
  5. I believe many quads have lever throttles too.
  6. There is a product called "crampbusters" which attach somehow to your throttle, then all you need do is lay your hand against the small lever, might be worth a look.
  7. Some good leads on both parts, thank yall.

    Though i don't think the cheapest works... the crampbusters seem a neat idea, but more of a proto cruise control. More likely it will need to be the heftier options ;)

    These throttles aren't as expensive as i feared.
  8. Second to the 'pointer' style finger throttle. I've used thumb throttles on quad bikes and can't say I particularly like them.

    I recently bought a crampbuster type piece for my GSX-1100. Can't say I really like it, as it can get in the way of a full grip on the throttle and when set to a freeway cruising speed position, it will impede the low or no throttle area.

    Cheers - boingk
  9. Ditto - lotsa quad experience here...
    Perfect for cruising down 9-mile beach or maintaining 2km/h across a paddock, but I wouldn't like to use it in traffic.
  10. Of course, until about 1925 or so, most bikes had lever throttles and folk seemed to manage then :D.

    Whilst it may not be as ergonomically sound as a twistgrip, familiarity should make it an adequate substitute and if the alternative is not riding at all..............
  11. How bad is your wrist? Have you considered modifying your existing throttle to make it a quicker action? Once you get used to it you'll wonder why they don't come like that from the factory.
  12. ... erm, no. No I didn't consider that. Apparently K.I.S.S comes more easily to some than others.

    Pretty bad in terms of extension, but not nonexistent. So that sounds embarassingly elegant. *adds to list*
  13. Yeah, or if you really wanted you could buy a so-called "racing throttle", if thats the right term, which do the same thing
  14. Back in the 70's our honda trikes had thumb throttles wan did you get a sore thumb.i know you can get wrist rest type clip on one from MCA.
  15. Fixt!

    r0ddy wins, and it ended up being nearly an afterthought during a service and riding again. Thank ye for pointing out hte obvious for me, r0ddy :D

    Now just to get the balls to go further than around the block again.
  16. no problemo matey! glad your back in the saddle again.