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Ths customer is ALWAYS right, Bill

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. I haven't upgraded to vista. Negative feedback from people using it etc.
    Coupled with the fact that I'm happy with my 'legal' copy of XP :p
  2. Vista is pretty much like XP ... i dnno why you guys hate it so much, the diff is that its more convenient bcoz u dont haveto click 3 different places to get to the location you're after (example) networking option to see where you want to connect to.

    ipconfig and msconfig and other run commands are still the same. :S

    u hate itbcoz u heard from people that has low computer literate knowledge individuals.
  3. My daughter's laptop came with it, and is basically unusable because it has only 512 MB of RAM. If I could stand the thought of paying a *second* M$ tax I'd take it back to XP, but I guess instead I'll splash out on another couple of gig of RAM at considerable cost in order to just be able to run the horrible kludgy resource hog at all.
  4. Its unnecessary bling, and dumbing down of control IMO. Vista makes changing system settings a fkn pain the ass and a harder + longer process than xp, because they want to make it more user friendly. Thats fine if you like shiny pretty OS, but I prefer functionality.
  5. I hate it because I hate the way MS have been seen to force it upon us. I.e. threatening to take XP away for so long. I have tested on our network and it just doesn't behave the same as XP, nor do all the applications I need run on it (as desired). So that means replacing working XP configurations with dicey, untested Vista configurations (lets skip the extra costs of beefed up hardware).

    For me it's also a case of - great a new version of Windows, but what more does it offer? Nothing? Yet it requires higher spec hardware? Pass thanks.
  6. Paul, that would have to be the most peurile comment on Netrider today.

    A huge percentage of people on this forum work in IT, some at very high levels (one of the administrators runs a huge netwrok in Melbourne) and if you had bothered to read other posts in this thread you would have known that. Hostility towards Mcirosoft in general and Vista in particular here is NOT the result of listening to what other people are saying, but comes from working with Bill's stuff for over 24 years, in my case, and longer in the case of many others.
  7. We have 2 x XP and 1 x 98se that runs our networked printers all faultless. On an old box I even run PCLinux occasionally for a bit of fun.

    No need for me to "upgrade" because M$ said so.

  8. yeah i knowtice that in the mijority of the posts when you guys are able socialised in, sorry! i banned myself for a day until im sobered up :) (i blame girlfriend's birthday's drinks nd party)

    oh and yes i still agree XP is still better, bcoz i used to compete in online gaming (bf2 and cs) runs smoother and able to modified easier.

    p.s whats "peurile" i googled cant find.
  9. I'm just amazed Tinyfloppy can make money selling something that's supposedly outdated if the new product is supposed to be so fantastic.

    My new laptop came with Vista installed standard. I then had to pay extra to downgrade to XP if I wanted it to work with the network and software I already had. Seems an awful lot like extortion IMO, but then that's the sort of behavior I've come to expect from them.
  10. "peurile" = childish

    I WAS being a little harsh, I guess, but it WAS a silly thing to say :wink:.
  11. Been keeping up to date with OOXML and ISO?
  12. There's a can of worms Port, ;)

    Microsoft will need to keep XP running, it is generally believed they have totally underestimated the Ultra Low Cost PC (ULCPC) market. They have already announced they will be retaining Windows XP for ULCPCs until 2010 or the release of Windows7.

    However in the traditional PC market they will be pushing the Vista path as much as they are able.
  13. To the people that either, couldn't, or payed extra to downgrade from Vista to XP, there should have been no cost involved if you chose Vista Business or higher, as its a free downgrade provided by M$.

    I'm also in the "biz"... i dont hate Vista, but i'm a lil younger than you Paul ;) jk :p
  14. Peurile´s correct spelling is puerile.

    That may have been the reason he couldn't find it in google. Weird that google didn't suggest the correct spelling.