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Thruxton tank-slap

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Vick, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. First time on this forum so don't know if this subject has been discussed before but would be interested to hear from anyone else who's Thruxton had thrown a wobbly and hopefully solved the problem. I've been thinking about putting a steering damper on. Opinion from anyone who's fitted or had one fitted would be appreciated as I'm not too keen on the whole tank-slap experience, twice is enough and slowing down isn't an option. :shock:

  2. Welcome
    What causes the bike to tank slap in the first place?
    Sounds odd that such a bike would be tank slappy.
  3. Try some of the brit bike forums to get an opinion from riders of these - personally i've used a steering damper on a (real - aka older :wink: ) Z1000 and a fork brace on a GSX1100 - I found the steering damper very useful, but neither of these bikes were reknown for their handling either...
  4. A couple of reviews said that the Thruxton was a bit 'flighty' right at the limit, the recommended option was to realise that the Thruxton was a retro and not a sports bike and slow down a bit.

    Anything you can do with steering dampers and/or fork braces are likely only going to make minor differences.

    And given that you've already said that's not an option then I hate to suggest it... but you've probably bought the wrong model of bike. :(
  5. True, but they have been running a one-make race series for Thruxtons in the US (and I think the UK as well). From the pics I've seen the bikes certainly appear to run the original suspension, so I think it might just be a simple case of adjusting your riding to suit the limitations of the bike.
  6. Thanks for the input. In answer to a couple of questions, tank-slaps at speed on not so good roads. However, one of my other Trumpies ( 75' Trident) handles same roads at same speeds with a lot less drama. Yeah there is a race series just for Thruxtons but they more often than not run shorter rear springs and a damper. With so many of them doing it one would assume improved handling was the reason.
  7. Well shorter rear springs will have the effect of slowing the steering by angling the rear down and the forks outwards.

    A steering damper will slow the response of the front end as well.

    I would suggest that if that is what the fast guys are doing on that model and you want to go fast on that model then that is what you need to do.

    The hard bit is going to be working out how much of what...
  8. Increase the rake by changing the triple trees.