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Throwing George

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by egiste, May 10, 2006.

  1. I was hoping for something more violent, like out of a canon into a wall. :evil:
  2. :LOL: I thought that was funny as!
  3. What we need is a george bush skeet shoot, now that would be fun.
    But i am biased, because of G.Bush wanting to make daddy proud, three of my family members have spent many months over there, and they haven't come back the same.

    Nightmares and a bit distant (mentally) at times.

    I am just waiting till they send some reserves over there, then i know "Murphys Law" that its my turn.
  4. I've seen the same program with a chick in a bikini instead of George.

    This one is much more satisfying!

  5. Yeah, the United States is a crazy place to spend ANY time, so I'm told.
  6. :LOL: or tearing him apart limb for limb, cutting into tiny pieces and feeding to the wolves .... slowly .... live.... :twisted: :twisted:

    sorry, got carried away.... really i'm a peace-luvin buddhist. honest :angel:
  7. Hey carri, 5 out of the 10 Hornet 600s that are on Bikesales are in Victoria, but man they're expensive....

    The one in Ellen Grove in Qld looks good value, $5950 for a 59,000 km '98 model.....
  8. thx hornet.... but the question begs... why were you looking up bikes in your spare time???? one not enough or time for a change :grin:

    i've actually come across quite a few both on-line and one at Peter Stevens recently that are quite good value. took a while to find them 'cos i was busy looking up 'hornets' instead of 'CB600s' and wondering why there weren't any for sale :oops: :LOL:

    unfortunately i'm flat out for the next 2 weeks then off to the UK/IOM so i think it's just gonna hafta wait til i get back.

    thx for the thought tho. muchly appreciated. hope all's well in your world. c x
  9. I actually looked them up because you said you wanted one :oops:
    Bring back lots of pics from the Old Dart for us, eh?

    {Love your violent-Buddhist post :LOL: :LOL: }
  10. Just a quick question. How did we get from throwing George to 2nd hand hornets? Just curious thats all. I suppose whilst we're being curious you wouldn't happen to be going to watch the IOM TT would you carrie? If you are then we will expect a full report when you return. Naturally.
  11. thx buddy. very sweet of you. borrowing a camera (might hafta buy one duty free) so should have some snaps.

    you betcha ass roarin :LOL: hoping i might even get a bit of access to the net while i'm there to report as i go.

    sorry for hijacking your george thread egiste. i still stand by my desire to tar, feather, set on fire and then explode above mentioned human being :grin:

    hey, do y'reckon asio could be reading?
  12. Please tell me you are not getting your hands on a bike for mad Sunday (I think thats the day) and doing a couple of laps. If you are then I shall remain forever jealous. If it's not too rude to ask how long you going for & whats it set you back for accomodation etc?
  13. :LOL: absolutely not getting to do some laps! in fact pure coincidence that i'm there! had planned a trip to the UK for 3 weeks to catch up with fam, realised the TT was on the same time and went into mad panic to find out how to get there and where to stay. with a bit of help from a few netriders :wink: i wangled a lift on an African Twin to liverpool, 30 quid for the ferry ride over, 35 per night for accommodation, four nights there in race week, and get to borrow a lid so if i need to hitch back to the b'n'b from Douglas, i'm covered. luvit. :grin: just the antidote to family i'll need :LOL:
  14. Awesome :LOL: :LOL: Thats one of the trips I want to do if I ever get 1/2 a chance. But it wouldn't be complete for me if I didn't get a lap or 2 in :LOL: :LOL: -thats if they will still let you by the time I get around to it. Still jealous though :LOL:
  15. Loved the episode of the Hairy Bikers Cookbook where they did the lap of the Isle of Mann - on 50cc Honda Apes :LOL:.
  16. yeah. very funny. it was actually that episode that alerted me to the fact the race was on in early june!