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Throw over soft panniers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jd, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. The idea of throw-over panniers in the backpack thread got me thinking they might not be a bad idea for the Kat. Worried that I might have two problems though: firstly it's a 250 so will most panniers be too big? Secondly it runs external shocks so are these going to get in the way. Any thoughts on brands etc that might fit without costing too much?

  2. good question JD and i have been thinking the sam for a little while myself. i spent a good couple of hours on the net last night trying to find out brands and info but i havent had much luck other than a couple of ebay....

    would be interested to see what others think.

  3. Oh should point out that I do already have a Ventura bag and rack on the bike but need more room for some camping gear (don't really like the idea of strapping it to the pillion seat).
  4. On the Spada I've had 2 sets of panniers. I burnt the bottom out of the first one on the exhaust when I set it a little two low once :)

    Currently got some Rjay onces, think 35L each.

    Andy Strapz makes some nice ones.

    Just take your bike down to the accessory store and test out a few there.

    Oxford Luggage makes some sweet ones, but more suited for sports bikes (which are the ones I've got on the monster).
  5. Dri rider make some as well. look good in the pictures
  6. I have throw over soft panniers for the ZX6R and i lurve them!! Takes 5 minutes to put them on, they dont move, hold a fair bit of stuff and dont look too dorky. ( maybe just a little bit ) Mine are Duff brand , yes I know its a fun name, and only cost me 125 bucks from my local bike shop. Theyre nylon with small reflective stripe at the back and fuly insulated. When we are camping, I fill them with ice and hey presto, I'm a mobile esky. I put a bit of contact on the paintwork so they dont leave a rub mark. Depends on your exhaust more than anything. I have a single Yoshi can and it doesnt get in the way.
  7. So what brand Kaer were the 80 buck ones you mentioned in the backpack thread?
  8. And the andy strapz ones I was talking about. Slightly more expensive.


    For about town work the RJay's ones are fine. Though after about a year starting to show a bit of wear and tear. (but that's including some offroad work)
  9. BTW, the Oxford panniers were the only ones that'll fit the monster without fouling the exhausts. Carrying capacity is a lot smaller than the ones on the Spada though. And when fully loaded, really stick out.
  10. Thanks for the info, the exhaust on my bike runs below the pegs so shouldn't be an issue - from the looks of it doesn't seem like panniers are going to get in the way of the shocks either. Might see what's available around here this weekend but guessing a Melbourne shopping trip might be in order soon.
  11. I have MotoLine sof panniers for the Duke...used them once and had the side/back fairings taped so there would be no chance of scratches. I have curved rear fairings and they take some of the room.

    The main thing if you have them extended is to not forget if you are lane filtering!

    BTW...this is Lil...couldn't be bothered logging in!
  12. I travelled all over the place with a set of throw-overs on the RD-250/350, then the XS-650 and also the 500 Kawa. I never had a problem with pipes or with shocks, either.
  13. Oh yeah, the other trick. Put masking tap on the bike paint work where the panniers will hang. Will prevent scratching the paint (learnt this trick well after the Spada was scratched to hell :) )
  14. I've got a set of Dri-Rider ones which I use on the BMW and on the Spada.
    I also use a tank bag

    picture of fully loaded Spada here with bags and tankbag heading up to the Southern Classic for the weekend.

    The bags look smaller than they are in the photo but are expandable.

  15. Those do look good, but how the hell do you see over that tankbag :shock: :p :LOL:
  16. very easily :LOL:
    It looks higher than it is - especially with the gloves sitting on top.. Generally I wouldn't use the top half (it zips apart ) unless I was going some distance...
  17. Okay, did the rounds of the bikeshops this morning (yes both of them) and tried out a few so figured I'd post up my views for anyone else that might be looking. First up was a fairly large dririder pannier, don't remember which model it was but it was way to big to fit a 250. Next up was Gearsack brand (120 bucks), cheap but seemed fairly basic (ie no side pockets just one large compartment) and had one large, wide strap joining the two halves (permanantly) which wouldn't fit under the seat of the Kat. Next up was a small Ventura pannier - quality seemed extremely good but it was a little more expensive (90 bucks per side) and they only had one in stock (they're sold seperately, not in pairs). Finally went with a set of Motodry panniers (150 bucks), which seemed to have plenty of features (inbuilt rain covers, plenty of internal and external pockets, carry straps etc) and seemed to be almost custom built to fit a 250 Katana - uses two wide velcro straps which fit perfectly under the seat and has a couple of straps on the lower side at the back which line up nicely with the frame of my rack. Here's a pic of the bags in place (although you can only see one of them in shot), reckon it should provide more than enough space for a trip away somewhere (now I just need to plan one).
  18. That's exactly what I use on the Spada :LOL: Good choice... :LOL:
  19. Throw Over Soft Pania's

    I usually do a lot of Klm when i go out and do a bit of shopping on the way home ( i live in the sticks) i have light weight panias and a top bag on my lil 1985 kawasaki LTD 250 Z i have had these on now for more than 4 mths and have never had a problem with them full of dog food cans or enpty...pic on the front of my web page ,,,