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Throw over saddle bags for an XVS650 V-Star

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RonR, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. G'day all.

    Uni is about to start and i am in need of a pair of saddle bags for my XVS650. Nothing fancy (i.e, no studs or braiding). Just plain, clean lines, leather (preferably). Also don't want to spend more than about $200-$250. In other words they will have to be throw over bags.
    I have checked out the zpower website and saw they have some Dririder bags for $229 but i'm not sure if they will fit. They are 14" long, 12" high, and 5.5" deep. From the exhaust to the very top of the rear fender is about 32.5cm (12.7") so i guess these will be too big. It seems that XVS650 bags are all about 10 inches high too make clearance for the exhaust.

    Any suggestions on some half decent throw overs that would fit an XVS650??


  2. My suggestion is www.650ccnd.com forums

    They know the 650
  3. Wow that forum is so terrible, it's like from nineties. Can't navigate or find anything.
  4. Try one of the bigger yamaha dealers. They should have a few to look at.

  5. Then dont use it.
  6. Ebay is your friend.
    I bought these 18 months back for $100, the seller has them on ebay all the time. He also has other varieties. I throw them over the pillion seat and anchor with a snap together luggage strap to the grab rail. Otherwise they hang too low onto the pipes.

  7. You could try Willie & Max bags, should be able to get them from most motorcycle accesory shops, drop length can be adjusted. I use them on my bike, have put them inder the pillion seat and tied them down. Got mine fron Riders Edge in Bell St Hiedelburg for around $320. They are water proof synthetic.
  8. Cheers for that guys. Good info. The Willie & Max bags look good. A little pricey but not too much. After seeing the prices of the support brackets though, i guess the next question is, has anyone made their own brackets and saved themselves $150? :) I am thinking of custom making my own brackets from stainless steel, polishing them up, and bolting them to the frame. Any thoughts?