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throttle sleeve replacement

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by traveller, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. hi all
    have to replace throllt sleeve as it all craked and broken over time.
    i have lossend off all cables and exposed tube.
    i cant seem to remove the throttle tube off the bar to replace so how do i go about more slack??
    i have managed to replace the tube and place one farrel back in hole and replace the other but cant get to farrel to turn and slide in to hole any help or suggestions please as im all out.
    Thanks every one

  2. Once you have the tube, put one of the cable ends in, and place the cable in properly so its securely located, then rotate the tube, and do you best to get ONLY the other cable end in. Once its in, you should be able to slide its cable around the edge of the throttle tube to get the 2nd cable securely mounted too.

    If you can't, I am guessing that you have replaced it with a throttle tube with a larger dimension. If you cant get enough slack at the barrel adjusters, then you may need to loose it up at the throttlebodies/carbs. Make sure you get a nice crisp and snappy return once its done. Check the motionpro website for installation of the revolver quick action throttle kit for how to install a dual throttle cable system properly.

    Lube the cables, and dont forget to use new grips.