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Throttle Rocker On A 'Busa

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. image.

    Not sure I would...

  2. But what if you need to give your hand a rest at 300kph? :cool: :p
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  3. That's like playing Russian Roulette with all the chambers live....
  4. Used them for years on all sorts of roads, I haven't had any issues but some do. Its a long way between the good spots and they help with long runs.
  5. If you would on any other bike why wouldn't you on a 'busa
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  6. I'm not so sure I would on any other bike either: Rob's adventure had a big influence on me in my formative years: Rob takes the 9R motocrossing - major oops.

    The additional factors with the 'Busa are the relatively sporty riding position relative to the big tourers where we more often see throttle rockers, and the close to 200 ponies being controlled by that throttle.
  7. I read that. And the real reason for his issues, by his own admission, wasn't the throttle rocker.

    I've tried the throttle rocker and I'm not a fan, I just found it didn't help. I had been using a throttle lock before trying the rocker, I went back to the throttle lock.
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  8. It's all in the positioning. The first time I used one it worried me, but I realised I'd set it too high. Adjusted it down and it was easy to manage.
    Mind you, I move it totally out of the way for twisties.
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  9. No issues with the omni cruise. (other then fear that someone will steal it)
    As soon as you touch the brakes or go to close the throttle it will disengage.
    Never had any luck with those rubber tabs for $1 on ebay, had 2 fall off never to be seen again and my last one required ~23m of electrical tape to keep it on.
  10. I bought a few of those throttle rockers. I reckon, for me, they are rubbish. I thought I needed them because my right hand/wrist was getting tired, then I learned to relax and release the deathgrip and voila, no more sore hand.

    if we're going on a ride together and you want one for free let me know beforehand and I'll bring it along for you.
  11. I've used the throttle rocker on My hayabusa didn't like it so much as when i had an older style bike. The power came very easy on the busa and the throttle was light and modern. I got way more use out of the throttle lock.
  12. The reason why I use on is my bike has, or at least had 3 x 32mm Dellorto carbs with a hard throttle pull and 2 turns needed for full on. That and a clutch pull that caused nose bleeds on a long one needed sorting. Its easier now with the Mikuni flat slides with the return spring backed off. Modern bikes with FI should be one hell of alot easier.
  13. Despite that experience with the throttle rocker, I still use one regularly - particularly on straight transport sections.
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  14. I'm with b12mickb12mick on this, I gave a rocker a try and it was just ok. I then purchased a lock and I am more than happy with it. In saying that I only have it installed when on a long trip/tour where long straight runs will be encountered.