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Throttle Rests?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Pedro78, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Throttle Rests?
    They claim to reduce hand fatigue and cramping. I have also been told that they are a cheap alternative to cruise control as they make it easier to maintain a constant speed. Im just wondering if anyone uses one of these and what your opinions are of them?

  2. I stuck one on once, and took it off almost immediately. Felt downright dangerous to me. Lots of people like them and they're cheap enough to try, so check it out, but here's a thumbs down from me.
  3. :-k
    No Thanks.
    I can crash easily enough on my own, without any additional help.
  4. The way I see it is that if you're tipping into a right hander what's going to stop the throttle accidentally rolling on at the wrong moment when you drop your elbow?
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  6. :shock: :shock: Rob ... I won't say you were so lucky, because I honestly believe it was your skill and focus on what was happening and where you needed to be that saved your ass bigtime. I would have become that pole ornament.. without a doubt.

    Thankfully you averted a DISASTER :shock:
    Well Done!!

  7. Hmmm, yes, not one of my finer biking moments. :oops:

    (Just as an aside, the mystery ride can have that hoon affect on people, even sensible ones... )

    I still occasionally use the throttle rocker - for long straight rides/transport sections... but now roll it out of the way if there's a string of corners or coming up into twisties. Ideally, I stop to take it off altogether, because even rolled away, it's still kinda in the way.

    I've been thinking about an end bar friction lock... The universal style friction throttle lock I have doesn't fit over the much larger diameter grip of my oxford heated grips... oh well... at least I have toasty hands. :)
  8. I have fitted a Vista-cruise. It's OK, you can rest your right wrist from time to time but with a big bore bike the speed changes too fast to really make that much difference.
  9. As I said in my review of the Kaoko, It's a very fine adjustment to keep it from from rolling on or rolling off.

    But it is achievable.
  10. I have one you can have real cheap.
    SImple answser is that when you make it comfortable to hold a steady speed, you will find it hard to shut off the throttle.
    If you need to brake suddenly, you can find yourself braking while holding the throttle on.

    Never again for this black duck