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Throttle loose, can I fix?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Siwagod, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. So it's got noticeably worse over last two weeks. Example, if you turn the throttle, nothing happens for a good chunk of the twist and then you hit where it starts to rev.

    It's real annoying as when you roll off, it can catch you out as the revs cut well before the twist stops back. Also if you slowly untwist, it can get stuck and the engine just revs at 3-4000, so you have to give it a quick big rev to allow it to snap back to it's proper place.

    This is SUPER DOOPER irritating. What do? Can't find much on le Google cause I don't really know how to explain the problem without writing a paragraph.

  2. Wind up the cable adjuster to take up the slack.
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  3. That sounds like a good idea.

    Now I have to go learn what it actually means and where this adjuster is.

    OMG found video of it and that's exactly what my problem is except mines way worse. FANX FREND>
  4. Just went and adjusted it. Holy shit that is SO much better. Feels perfect now. Legend :applause:
  5. Next you'll need to learn about lubricating the cables regularly to keep that feeling.

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  7. Awesome. Thanks man.

    I need to get a bleeding kit too so I can change my brake fluid.
  8. You can pick those up at Repco/Supercheap etc or even make your own. Easy stuff.
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  9. so if you throttle is sticking you need to oil up your throttle cable, and you might as well do your clutch cable as well .these things need to be looked at every few months ,,
  10. Check the cable is not frayed!!!!
  11. Snapped throttle cables are not fun. I can say they are good exercise when you need to push your bike when one snaps 2km away from work.
  12. The bike is in with Mark Tudor Motorcycles at the moment getting the fuel injection checked out. He's going to look at the throttle and clutch too.
  13. Snapping the end off clutch cable is no fun either. Especially on a bike that really doesn't like to shift without it and with several town to get through before getting home.