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Throttle locks. Legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ridgey, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Hi.
    Does anyone know if its legal to use a throttle lock (eg throttlemeister) in Victoria. It would be nice to shake the pain out of the throttle hand occasionaly.

  2. No idea, but I have a throttlemeister on my bike and never had a problem. Most cops would,'t know what a throttle lock was if they fell over one .... just don't tell them you have it.

  3. Just don't do a rob :p
  4. Indeed :)
  5. In fact come to think of it, the Throttlemeisters look like and perform like normal bar ends anyway ... they would really have to look at it closely to know what it does.
  6. No, they are not.
  7. Bugger. Anybody know what the offence would be called? Ever heard of any1 being fined ect...
  8. OY!!!

    I heard that!

    They must be legal, since they're freely accessible and available in every motorcycle accessories shop in Australia.

    Anyway, OK, goodnight. [​IMG]
  9. Being available for purchase doesn't mean legal unfortunately. I got done in my car for having blue park lights, and those are freely accessible from any Supercheap/Repco/accessories store. You can even get ones that change color!!!
  10. Maybe, but it's a pretty good clue!! [Bugger you got caught out though :( ]

    OK then, where's the bit in the ADR's that says it's illegal - that oughta finalise this question once and for all.

  11. Nor are ADR's the be all and end all.
    ADR doesn't restrict a vehicle to 110 km/h, but all laws in every state make it illegal to do more than that.

    It comes under the same law as wheelies .. not in full control of vehicle or whatever it is. It's also covered under the same law where all cruise controls (they call them "automated speed regulators" or similiar) must automatically disengage when the brake is applied ... since throttle locks don't do this, they are illegal.

    They are illegal and a real hard-nose cop that notices it can book you and give you a unroadworthy. So too can a RWC/VicRoads tester not pass if they notice it. The reality is, no-one that matters notices and if they do they don't really care unless you are/were being a twat and they're looking to get you on something. I had a throttlemeister lock for many years and never got even an eyebrow raised.
  12. And the times you did receive the raised eyebrow, it was when you removed your helmet and they saw how friggin' ugly you are!

    :LOL: :p
  13. Now that's a fair answer Mouth.

    I had a feeling you'd answer the dorothy dixxer.

    Still, for an illegal device, there's lot's of them for sale.

    BTW, i have a vista cruise throttle lock - and though it doesn't work that well on my bike's configuration at 100km/h, it does afford one the chance to rest the wrist for a bit without slowing down drastically.

    Other folk have better experience than I do.

    A proper disengaging cruise control is in the order of $400+.


  14. If your worried about breaking the law then heres a better idea ...

    Don't but the Throttlemeister, Don't buy a bike, Don't buy a car, just sit at home and surround yourself with styrofoam chips. The way the system works these days makes it impossible for someone to abide by the law. The system is set up in such a way that the police can book you for pretty much anything they want.

    blame our arsehole politicians who's answer to all problems ( including the collection of revenue ) is to force upon us more laws for motorists to abide by.

    Do yourself a favour and stay at home and sock your money into your superanuation fund .... that way our poor cash strapped pollies won't have to take a pay cut to pay for your pension.

  15. They'll still probably book you for something - hazard to the environment for having too many styrofoam chips or something :p
  16. port80 - congratulations on a most successful and attractive posting of a link on these forums.
    Your use of the tags is exemplary, and (we hope) a...d by a large and unsightly link. Good job!
  17. Sorta like mobile phone's :)
  18. Are they regulation styrofoam chips? cause a mate of mine got fined for sitting in his lounge room with non regulation chips :)
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