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Throttle Locks / Cruise control...help......

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FondaHonda, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Hi All
    I am after a throttle lock for the FZ1 and tried a couple of shops today without success! :cry:

    Have you got any recomendations/ experience with a particular brand?

    After some research on the net I have found two types:
    1. "The Throttle Rocker is a device that wraps around the throttle grip of your motorcycle. The end protrudes out from the grip to form a contoured portion that comfortably fits the heel and palm of your hand. Using the heel of your hand, you apply downward pressure on the Throttle Rocker and the throttle grip rotates." At $12 hard to go wrong.
    2. The locking type with a lever and spring loaded clip. I bought one of these a few yrs back but couldnt fit it to the Honda. My current bike has plenty of room on th bars but I am still to locate one for sale in Melbourne or even on the net.
  2. hey fondahonda...

    I know a few people that use a heavy duty elastic band and just stick that on the bar, and push it against the throttle to hold it open...

    Not sure if this would work on clip ons though.
  3. I have both bought from Redwing honda in Melb.

    Throttle rocker does relieve strain, but is no good in twisties. Ok for sweepies.

    Regarding throttle lock - check out

    It's ok. Still a bit problematic.


  4. The topic robsalvv links to is this type - Vista Cruise. Peter Stevo's usually carry them and I'd be surprised if you can't find them on the AUS online stores (check the links dir for a listing of them).

    I had one on my VFR and it was terrific. You have to fit them correctly, and may need to cut some of the rubber sleeving on your throttle grip to achieve that.
  5. I've used a Vista Cruise and as Jason said, with a bit of modification, they work perfectly, and is reasonably priced (about $50). Really good for long trips - fitted to an R6 (clipons) it was a lifesaver.