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"Throttle Lock" - Bar Ends

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ratbag, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Minna was the one that put me onto these, ive always liked the idea of a throttle lock on boring sections of road so i can relax my right hand/wrist.
    What i like about these is, they simply look like "bar end weights"


    Cheers ratty


  2. I thought YOU were the Throttlemeister, Paul?? :LOL:
  3. I always used thottle locks, I find them very usefull. It only takes a few seconds rest to eliminate the numb feeling one gets from holding your hand in the one posistion. Some bikes are worse than others, I have found the fine viabration can also effect you. Depends at what cruise speed they are at there worst.
    I have heard guys say they are unsafe & stick,,
    I have never had that problem, they should also be set so you can over ride them. If you dont know how to set them up properly, get someone who does, to do it for you.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but how are you supposed to hold the throttle at a certain position while you turn this mechanism?

    Or is it a two handed operation?
  5. I havent used the type shown, but I would say, all setup can be achived in the workshop, road test, stop and reset if needed. You should not attempt to adjust any type of throttle lock, cruise control, or what ever, while on the move.
    I am not sure, but does the unit shown, sorta stiffen the throttle at all times, roll on & roll off, not a good thing if it does.
  6. NO throttle lock is designed to hold the throttle completely locked so it cannot be moved, they simply add enough friction to over ride the throttles return spring,
    this one is applied as you turn the throttle to gain the desired speed and locks in place as you do so, as i say above, because it is only holding the throttle with enough force so that it wont close on its own, it's a simple case off shutting it off by physically turning it back to shut-off position.

    So you apply it by placing part of your palm over the Bar End as you open the throttle and turn it off in the same manner, if in an emergency, simply force the throttle shut,
    you should be able to open and close the throttle with the lock gripping the throttle, it just wont close on it's own if you take your hand off the throttle grip.

    Cheers ratty

  7. Okay, I understand its function a little better now.

  8. Hey Paul,
    I like to ride with my hand partially on the bar end most of the time - to improve throttle control (still getting used to engine braking after basically only riding 2 strokes previously), so would that lead to problems of throttle locking in your opinion if I was to get one of these things?
    I'm not certain of how much pressure these locks can generate.

  9. If you ride with part of your palm on the bar end i would imagine you'd be locking the device all the time, BUT they are set so that you can still shut the throttle off if you have to while the throttle lock is in the ON position.

    I just thought that the "Throttlemeister" throttle lock was a clever design compared to this one below