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Throttle hand position.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by murchy, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. So I'm a very new rider myself, but this morning I had a pretty near miss and thought I'd share the only thing that stopped me from dropping my bike.

    Basically, keep the wrist low on the throttle hand. I know this is VERY basic, and we're all told to do this during the learners course, but its easy to get slack.

    I won't bore you with the specifics of how I ended up in this situation, but basically I was forced to emergency brake whilst turning slightly at low speed, and as we all know, this isn't a good recipe for keeping the bike upright.

    Now, if my wrist hadn't been low, the throttle would have remained open as the bike tipped, resulting in it spinning away from me and out of control, but since my wrist was positioned properly, the throttle was automatically closed as the bike pulled away from me, allowing me to keep it upright.

    I know this is pretty basic knowledge, but this morning's experience has cemented it into my brain permanently, and I felt I should share :p
  2. Forgot about that one, thanks for the reminder!
  3. ..........................
  4. It's a valid point. The ideal (and necessary) position when riding fast is to have it quite high, because otherwise you can't get full throttle, but when puttering around and idling through traffic and stuff, it's not a bad idea to consciously adopt a lower grip, for exactly the reasons Murchy points out. There's no one 'right' position, but what position is best depends on what you're doing at the time. Good save, and thanks for bringing that one up.
  5. I was taught you should also be 'rolling' onto the brake lever. This has the side effect of shutting off the throttle.
  6. Exactly :D
    I fail at expressing myself usually.
  7. KD that's why I run quick turn throttles on all my bikes so I can ride with the correct low grip but still hit WOT without straining or regripping. Best mod I've ever done to a bike.

    I don't recommend it for newbies, keep it standard till your throttle control skills are refined.
  8. And...er...how would one do this if one were inclined....?
  9. By increasing the size of the 'cam' on the throttle grip. My old gs500 was a straight swap to a sv650 type. Different bikes will have different methods. I did see a vid a while back for 2 stroke dirt bikes with a multi 'cam' thing with a non-linear 'cam' curve (slow at first then quick to WOT)