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Throttle cable

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Devery, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone,

    My throttle cable snapped, so I took it into the city and every place told me the one that snapped was just a universal one. So I got one from Motorcycle City on Elizabeth Street.

    Can anyone give me a quick idea of how to fit it? The guy said to get the lengths right, but I didn't understand completely (I'm a visual learning kind of guy). Will I need to dismantle the bit where it connects to the handle bars?

    Also with the soldering aspect, just not too sure what to do. Maybe when I open up and see where it houses in the throttle ill be able to understand?

    But if anyone can help me / has some tips, that would be great!

  2. Hey James. Sorry for not answering your PM on this, was a bit busy today.

    When you open up the throttle switch block (the whole throttle mechanism) it will become self-evident how it all hooks together. Be gentle removing the block from the bars, as the wires will get a little pulled at and there;s the risk of breaking them off. Not sure what the guy meant about lengths - certainly don't cut the cable (you could of course, but there's no need, and your friend's job might be less integral than the factory job), the length shouldn't matter if it's close enough to right. Maybe he's talking about the bits near the end of the cable that you turn (name?) to slightly increase / decrease tension on the cable. With your manual in hand and your bicycle experience, this whole exercise will prove much easier than you expect.

    Have finished a lot of the work on my bike today, just got to fit those vintage saddle bags. I think I'll be in your position soon - have put cruiser-style bars on the SR, which is asking a lot from the clutch cable - I reckon I'm about snap it! Last time I did that it was 2am somewhere out in the suburbs!).

    That's my favourite shop - if you can get stuff from there and even work done there do so (though the mechanic doesn't like to work on old bikes - or maybe he just got sick of me and my sinking ship the GT550). The guys there have a great attitude. Another place well worth going is Intyre Motorcycles on Nicholson Street, Fitzroy North. You can now get mechanical work done there. Two best shops in the city area in my opinion! The other places are full of ignorant condescending petrol heads who can't see beyond R1-GSXRRRRs!
  3. I don't know how you get away with posting this stuff in here and not be stabbed! hehe.

    I'll let you know how it goes, I'm hoping it goes smoothly.
  4. New throttle cable is on :)

    Hit some minor problems, but it was fun sorting them out.

    I have another question. Obviously I did nothing to the clutch, but when I'm pulling it in fully and in gear, it still feels like its taking a bit. Could it be that I don't have the battery connected ( :oops: )? Or because it's not running?

    I'm hoping when I connect the battery back in it's right and ready to go...

    Also, asking my mate for the soldering help was awesome... He had this stuff called flux and it cleans the metal perfectly and ensures a clean and strong connection. Which is good because the previous cable didn't snap! The solder come unstuck... I came to this conclusion as the only thing left in the throttle was the little nipple end, no cable to be seen (CSI detective moment). And he was able to show me a good technique for the end of the cable... And other things. General good help. Two minds working. Was lots of fun!!!

    I have a feeling I'll be doing more servicing! :roll:
  5. Not exactly clear what you mean by "taking a bit", but if I understand you then the clutch probably just needs adjusting. It won't have anything to do with the battery.

    I have that feeling too! :wink: Probably not too much, let's hope, or at least nothing too serious on such a clean well rebuilt bike, but keep that manual handy and seek out a CZ forum - you will probably need it! :)

    Your friend sounds good to know; I want to lengthen my cable to take a new pair of high bars I got for the SR, but don't want to spend $100 doing it! Hmmm.... :)

    Is my memory correct that your learner's is next weekend?