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Throttle Body

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Marie, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Anyone know where I can get a second hand throttle body for a 2008 Honda Hornet?

    Everyone seems to have the carby ones...not the injected!

  2. wreckers? Dont know of any in Sydney :( ebay? Trading post? thats my limit I'm afraid
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  3. Yeah...I'm at a loss. We've tried local wreckers. Ebay only has a company in the UK doing them. Trading post has nothing!

    To buy brand new is $1600 and will take up to 6 weeks to get here!

  4. hmm have you tried ebay usa? also, are they all the same? I mean 600 same as 900 ??
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  5. one other thing, have a gig at Ebay NZ, you MIGHT get lucky on there, and if you find links to other sites in NZ jump on and look around.
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  6. Try VicWreck in Heidelberg Vic. Pretty sure they do interstate delivery stuff.

    They have most parts for most Japanese bikes.

    Failing that explore the UK thing. I have got parts form UK in about a week and US in about 100 days, while the BMW overnight service from Sydney can take 14 days. :LOL:
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  7. If the UK ebay company can deliver to a London address, I could pick it up in two weeks and would be back in Sydney in three...

    Might still be too long?
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  8. Thanks all for the suggestions. Will explore E-Bay USA & UK & NZ today! Thanks.

    No, the 600 is different to the 900...unfortunately. As there's more parts available for the 900!

    Will also try VicWreck!

    Naw...thanks Wallsy! So nice of you to offer. I don't get my blacks till 15th October anyway...so no immediate rush. I'll definately take you up on the offer if it's a possibility!
  9. Which part/s of the throttle body is dead?
    can replacements be manufactured?
    Replace it with carby's??
  10. The previous owner tried to fix the high revs (due to him putting the vacuum hose on back to front!), so he's mucked around with the white throttle adjustment screws that the closest my mechanic can get it to factory settings is 60%. Now there's a mad flat spot changing any gears.

    But the throttle body is all one piece, so it all has to be replaced.

    I don't know much mechanically to know if you can replace it with carby's. But the mechanic didn't mention it as an option...so maybe not?
  11. No worries Marie... happy to help. Drop us a PM if you decide that's the best course of action and what you wanna do...

  12. Will do matey! Much appreciated!
  13. Its an adjustment problem not a damage problem??
    Try and find a mechanic that's been through the problem before?
  14. Yeah...that's a good point!

    I might ring around!
  15. Onto some mechanics now.

    Rang VicWreck. They have one there they're just pulling of a hornet. They'll let me know in about an hour if it's in good condition. If it is...$650!

    I know it's alot, but better than $1600 brand new!

    Fingers crossed!
  16. Nope...no good.

    They pulled it off the bike. It's had water go through it so is fine for spare parts, but not to put straight on the bike.


    Back to the drawing board!
  17. Hit up findapart.com.au (links all wreckers from over AU) or drop in a 900 engine.

    Failing that, www.partshark.com have the best prices I've seen for OEM spare parts. (But no honda parts, sorry!)

  18. Yup...did Findapart yesterday. Still waiting.

    lol @ 900 engine! Now why didn't I think of that?
  19. I'm pretty sure it's the only logical way to proceed.