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Threw the Chain this morning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. [RANT] FFS What a F#%ing morning...[/RANT]

    This morning i took off out of the gate hit the road, and did a couple of lane changes. next thing the bike gives one hell of a wiggle as i cross a tram track.

    I bring in the clutch and coast into a set of lights. Lights change, clutch out and stall.

    Do a basic set of checks and find that i have thrown the chain.
    I had a quick go at putting it back on, but solo it just wasn't going to happen. So i rolled the bike back home and took the train.

    Once I get the tools out, how do I re-seat and adjust the chain?

  2. !

    Putting it back on shouldn't be too hard, just take the rear wheel off. Got a centrestand? I can help out tonight if you're stuck.

    Of more concern is why it came off... Was it super loose?
  3. Hmmm, pretty sure that I pointed out your loose chain to you on the GOR ride.

    To get the chain back on, loosen the main axle nut until it is rotating freely by turning it with your fingers. You must make it this loose otherwise the axle isn't going to move easily.

    Now turn the axle positioning bolts all the way in so the axle is as close to the front of the bike as possible. If you're having trouble moving the axle forwards initially, hold onto the back of the bike's pillion grab-rail and push on the rear wheel with your foot and pull the bike towards you to get the axle to move forwards. Put the bike in neutral, hook the chain partially onto the top of the sprocket and roll the bike backwards so it picks up the chain the whole way around.

    If it's come off the front sprocket as well, remove the front spocket cover, and repeat (but by rolling forwards).

    Now start winding out the chain tensioning/axle positioning bolts under the chain moves up and down in the bottom middle by no more than 40mm (typically - consult your user manual for exact free-play tolerances - but 40mm is usually the norm for most bikes).

    Tighten your axle bolt again (to be pretty tight), oil your chain, put the front sprocket cover back on if needed, and give yourself a slap over the back of the head for poor chain maintenance for me. ;)
  4. I did this the other day and managed to get it back on with my fingers, still trying to get the gunk off.

    My chain was at the end of it's adjustment and was getting a new one the next week. So in that case I just got the shop to put a new chain and sprockets on, cost me $250.

    If it has popped off and you can still tighten it, then should be no major issue to loosen adjusters, back wheel, pop chain on and then retighten. Sounds liek time for a new chain though mate.

    Anyway that's my POV, anyone with more knowledge care to comment.

    Trains suck,
  5. Just loosen your axle nut/bolt and adjust the wheel all the way forward. Then set your tension.

    It's very unusual to throw a chain.

    I'd be having a good look and think about why it happened.
  6. Yep got a center stand.
    May have to take you up on that offer.

    Bugger, I don't recall it, which basicly means if I had have been paying attention I would have avoided this whole thing.
  7. Huge thanks to loz for heading over and rebuilding the bikes arse end with me.
    Huge thanks to Cheng for putting up with how out of scope the job became.

    Loz you are a F%$#ing Legend!
  8. Loz you trying to make up some karma points for crashing all those learners? :p :p :p :p

    So Mr Lord what exactly did you do? You said it went off scope, you IT person you? :?
  9. We ended up cleaning up the barings (Which appear to need replacing) and clearing the chain where it had bunched up was lots of fun... NOT! The actual putting the chain back on was 5 mins work, but we went through lots of grief to get there.
  10. Yeah the chain had bunched itself up around the front sprocket, and we couldn't work out how to get the sprocket cover off (sounds stupid but there's a bolt coming from the other side of the engine holding it on.)

    We managed to lever it apart with a screwdriver and a lot of elbow grease!

    Furthermore when we took the rear wheel off to get the chain back on, the rear wheel bearings were very stiff and notchy and showing signs of corrosion. The axle and bearings had very little grease on them. Time to replace those bearings.

    Overall, nothing too serious. The chain jumped off the sprocket because it was way too loose. We put it back on and got it running again, and in the process identified another fault that would have caused more serious problems in the not too distant future.

    Did you get it in to cosways Jase?
  11. Wow good work Loz, sounds like a lot of fun.

    I vote loz as netrider of the year!
  12. And whats the leson we have learned here boys.

    CHECK YOUR CHAIN REGULARY .. basic house keepin on your bike.
  13. They wern't open when i went past this morning, gave em a call ,they will get back to me with a time to drop the bike in (I hope)
  14. Doh. :facepalm:

    Just as well that didn't happen at full speed, full lean, on our way out the GOR. Probably stretched it heaps on that ride actually. Good to hear Loz is balancing his Karma account. :cool:
  15. Lucky! Loose chains can cause all kind of hell.

    Good on you Loz for lending a hand.
  16. Netrider of the year eh? Does that award come with boobies?

    ...I like boobies.
  17. um :) my chain came off too Loz. IM free tonight.
  18. Good lesson in chain maintenance here? Hopefully this serves as a reminder for new riders to do those safety checks they told you about when you were getting your license! (Well HART did, at least).
  19. Are you serious?

    Sorry, was in at the studio recording our cheesy Christmas single.

    If it's still rooted drop me a line tomorrow: 0418 219 330 and we'll see if we can find a time.