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Threshold moment - bye, bye, mirror!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gegvasco, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. I've survived over 2 years in Sydney traffic putting up with thumb-up-bum f^&*witters and only surviving through a little bit of luck and a hell of a lot of defensive riding.

    So having had two near misses(merged into and not-giving way at a roundabout) in about 5 minutes, when the third truly bloody-minded and negligent incident happened, two years worth of restraint went out the window. Riding along at 60 kph in a 60 on a wide open straight section with a car on a side street on the other side of the road waiting to turn into my lane. But he had traffic coming the other way so it looked safe. Was still watching him like a hawk and just as well because he gunned it to get through the 3 car length gap in the opposite direction traffic without even looking for traffic in my lane. I was hard on the brakes as soon as he moved which was the only reason why I didn't hit him.

    I was so livid that I thought "this f^&*ing a-hole really deserves this" so I split up his left side and slammed my fist down ontop his mirror. I heard a loud bang but I don't know if it broke anything as I didn't bother looking back as I split through traffic to get some vehicles between him and me. Given this constitutes criminal damage hopefully I will never be brought to doing this again but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Yesssssssss, it begins!

    Speeding is next.

    Then crash bars, oversized rear sprockets and Corona singlets will follow.
  3. mmmmmm oversized sprokets

    good onya had the exact same sitiation and i responded likewise a few weeks ago, Unfortunaly i dont think i broke anything.
  4. WTF !! :eek:

    . . . . I see you were on the F4i today !

    Bad-Gregg !

    As opposed to DL650 Good-Gregg !
  5. Whilst I empathise, and understand from an angry mans point of view how infuriating that kind of action by another road user can be, you did the wrong thing, and perhaps if you broke the mirror, the driver has reported it, and you will get a visit with a form of demand.

    If you did that to my mirror, I would have swerved straight in to you the minute you hit it, before you took off like a coward.
  6. Whatever. I'm not mentioning it for your forgiveness. And you are equally showing the stupidity you possess deep down by making the last comment. Maybe you can clarify something for me - was that username TWEET or twit?
  7. Yeah, lethal combination that. The F4i AND a new leather jacket!!! Should have known it would bring out REALLY bad Gregg.
  8. takes alot for an m/c rider to lose it. well, for me anyway!

    yep, i've been infuriated by other road users incompetence.

    what does damaging someone else's property achieve? don't see alot of it between cagers, thankfully. so what makes "us" so special?

    who knows, next time one of us may feel the wrath from this cager cus now every m/c rider is an asshole on twowheels. [-X
  9. Sweet, sweet satisfaction.
  10. once in a blue moon these stories are appearing greg, when you put on the spot like that, who can really tell someone how they should have acted in the situation

    the ends justifies the means, if the ignorant driver might pay attention in the future
  11. Sometimes out attitudes attract trouble.
    3 in one ride was it? I'm just wondering.............................

    Saving your arse 10 points.
    Deliberately damaging property -10 regardless of how you feel.
  12. Gregg,

    Those who have never lived in Sydney long term and driven it's roads every day will never understand why people can do these things.
    All I can say is you exercised great self control!

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. haha

    Tweet i see what ya mean when you say you can understand an angry man's point of view. You would side swipe someone on a bike if they punched your mirror after you almost killed them... right i suppose you missed them the first time so you better finish them off.
    I don't support "criminal dmg" can't say i wouldn't do it.. but i definately know i wouldn't step into the culpable driving area that you yourself might...scary..
  14. Well if you do get a letter of demand, just deny deny deny, they can't prove anything, it's your word against theirs. Deny is the golden word here, do that and you can't get penalised/sued for it unless they have an independent witness. And you probably shouldn't have smacked their mirror, but maybe by doing that they'll think twice before they pull out into traffic in front of a bike next time!
  15. I wasn't offering forgiveness, it wasn't my mirror you damaged. I simply pointed out how I understand sometimes drivers can be infuriating and frustrating. So you concede your act was stupid, and are you a rep of the Motorcycle Council? Is this the type of behaviour we need coming from representatives of a body lobbying on behalf of riders?

    We know who the coward is, and I think we can work out who is the twit.
  16. you evil, evil man greg.
    nice work :grin:
  17. Hmm. Hitting an inaminate object like a mirror is one thing, but deliberately swerving a vehicle at an unprotected rider with the intent to cause personal injury is a whole other world of cowardliness...
  18. I'm with TWEET!

    You're an idiot. Your actions did absolutely nothing for your cause(or ours collectively as riders), you don't even know if the driver knew what your action was the result of, hence no lesson to be learnt. All you have succeeded in doing is turning a motorist absolutely against all motorcycle riders.
    You deserve to get a visit from someone for the cost of the mirror at least, and you'd be lucky if it finished there.
  19. This is not a black and white situation. (other than Tweets statements about swerving into someone who takes a mirror being completely F#$ked)

    Should you have taken the mirror off? Probably not. Did the Driver learn anything? Probably not (As tryway said he was probably oblivious to his actions even after loosing his mirror) But Let’s just for a moment suggest that someone does come knocking on your door demanding the cash for the mirror. When the situation is explained that only through your skill and paranoia did you stay alive. Could any one suggest that you really had a price to pay? A Mirror is a small price to pay for almost killing someone.

    There are many times on the road I wish I was a cop. I wouldn’t be pulling people up for going a little over the limit, but for gross negligence like this I’d be throwing the whole library at them (The turn not the mirror)
  20. Your a bad bad man ,and your not welcome at the back with the ,nice ride by the rules riders ,you have to ride with the others up for front of the pack with Mickyb from now on. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: .

    No really ,I get your frustration with the drivers ,and I could snap any day know ,we all have a bad day and do silly things. :) .

    But I got to agree with the otheres ,I don't think snaping a mirror off or hiting a window ,teachs them any lessons ,it just turns that driver into a bike hater for the next 20-50 years ,and we don't need any more out there. :?