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Three's a charm... Or my first three accidents

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wilbur, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. I've now had three accidents, two single vehicle, my fault. The other was me vs a car and his fault. Luckily all three were low speed and ended up in a few bumps and scrapes for me and the bike.

    1) Still on my L's, riding at night in light rain hitting an oil patch
    I was a day away from doing my P's course/test at Botany and I didn't know where it was or how long it'd take me to get there first thing in the morning so the night before I decided to go for a ride to time it. Sounds simple enough but it was drizzilng that night, first time in months. I got out there okay but on the way back down the Eastern Distributer, at the Moore Park Super Centa intersection I was coming up still at 80 and the lights changed. There was plenty of distance between me and the lights so the wrong combination of front and rear breaks, the wet and an oil patch I started to wobble bad, almost went over a few times right there in the centre lane. Luckily in the middle of the night there was absolutely zero traffic around.

    By some miracle I managed to get the bike wobbling to the outside lane, almost upright and slowing down. Another bad wobble as I tried the brakes again and over. Some nice woman that came from behind ad saw the whole thing pulled up to make sure I got up okay. I was all fine, the bike had a small scratch. Next day, failed P's test because I was so nervous.

    2) Reversed into at an intersection
    I was in Newtown and came up to a congested intersection, there were a few cars queued across the intersection. I pulled up at the line and waited. The lights changed and the guy across the intersection was blocked the cross traffic. I guess he panicked and started to reverse to get out of the way. He only looked in the side mirror and saw a full car length free behind him because I was in the middle. It took me a few seconds to realise he hand't seen me and I started honking. He didn't notice and then bam, backed into my front wheel fairing. Thankfully he was going slowly.

    We pulled around the corner, swapped details and now he's up for a $350 genuine Aprilia front wheel guard imported from Italy.

    3) Down a dirt road, loose gravel, slipped and went up an embankment
    I got lost. I had bad directions. It wasn't my fault. I ended up going down a dirt road that ran down a steep slope that was in pretty bad condition, quite a few lumps and bumps. I tried to take the smoothest line but before I knew it, I picked up too much speed, tried to brake and steer around a tree root or pot hole or something. Before I knew it the bike was going down to the left, I twisted the throttle as I tried not to fall off and the back wheel pushed the bike and me up an embankment... Luckily again, I was only going slowly. Any faster and the tree trunk that hooked under my chin would have stopped a few inches behind my neck.

    Some how I picked the bike up and rode away with a few minor scrapes, great considering I was only wearing shorts, tshirt and helmet. What a fool.

    I've almost managed to bend the nose fairing back into place now. When I take the bike in to get the wheel guard replaced I'll get them to bend the sub frame back into place...
  2. tough break, at least you weren't going high speeds