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Three Wheel U-Turn ?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mousedroid, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I got my L's in May last year, after only being on a bike/scooter for a total of 2 hours. A week later I got my bike/scooter/thing (Gilera Fuoco/MP3 500) from Bowral and road it home to Sutherland a dusk (wasn't that a fun experience...:dead: ).

    Anyhow, I use it as my daily commute ride to and from mascot (so about 250kms/week). Always riding safe. SO I finally start thinking in October to go for my P's..work gets in the way and it is January before I even get around to going for a 3hr pre-P Prep course ($75) at Harts St Ives.

    Glad I did. Not having done much (read nil) work on low speed maneuvers and turns, I find the cone weave a bit tricky, but doable...but the U-turn has me stumped. Breaking with this thing is no problem, as the two front wheels/breaks and the mass of the bike bring it up quickly.

    The Harts instructor is great and tries his best to encourage me and work out how to get this devil ride to turn in the area. Final advice on how to get this act together is;
    • Hard turn the handlbars to full lock,
    • lean the bike into the turn,
    • constant revs, control with back brake
    • make sure to get your mass 'as far as possible' on the outside of the turn as possible to stop the bike from tipping.

    This thing is going to be a monster to master :arghh: . Anyone had similar experiences? I really do not want to do the test on a smaller bike as this is my ride and I should get in sync with it.

    Also, anyone know if the Loftus Training area (aka TAFE carpark) accessible to practice on? and on what days?
  2. Take the angle as shallow as possible. From memory there is no rule on this so you can basically just get your self in the box then out without doing a proper U turn.

    Given your on a stupid "bike" they'll probably be very lenient.
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  3. At least you called it a "bike"...I've heard worse.
    I actually saw some of the Honda CBR riders do that on the day.
    Thanks for the advice.
  4. You've obviously never ridden a Fuoco smiledude? Its handling would eat your ER6. Less of the insulting remarks maybe?
  5. its all kewl...I must have a thing for 3 wheels (or my misses safe lectures have done the damage) as I really want to get a Spyder RSS.
  6. You don't buy a 3 wheeled scooter because you want to get compliments on a motorcycle forum.

    But OP gets its all in good fun. He still gets more respect from me than any drivers even if he is at the very bottom of the nodding chain. Even HWP get more nods.
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  7. #7 BitSar, Jan 17, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2014

    I take exception....

    A Trike....... is not.............a bike.

    Lean as much as you want fella......it 'aint gunna do squat on your rig....

    Just sayin'
  8. Can you drift a 3 wheel scooter? Head straight for the box at full pace. Turn and lock up the rear. You'll be able to turn it on a dime if it doesn't fall over. :p
  9. Just do this.......


    But - continue - full circle.

    Done and done....
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  10. I don't have experience on these 3 wheel bikes but I suppose the question should be asked >>> can this bike actually do the U-turn in the allowed area? Did the Hart instructor have a go on it to show it could be done?
    If yes to those questions then do more practise and make sure you really snap your head to look through the turn. Don't look at the lines.

    FWIW running over the U-turn line is 5 points so if no other points are lost you will get through ;)
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  11. The HARTs Instructor did have a go, but went outside the lines by about a foot & a bit. To be fair he had not ridden this 'thing' before, but he did say if he ranked a 125cc as easy factor 10, the CBR 250cc as easy factor 7, this my bike would be about a 3.

    Went for a morning ride to Loftus TAFE...but they have it gated off for the RMS testing.
  12. What does the manufacturer say the turning circle of this bike is documented to be??
  13. cant find anything in the user/workshop manual, or interweb...but I did find a nice carpark to practice in each afternoon on the way home... :ROFLMAO:
  14. 5 points lost right there.
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  15. Practise is good.
    I saw mention of a turning circle of 4.9 mts for the 400 on one forum.

    I asked around and the word is it can be done. Needs lots of bike in / body out ie counterbalance.
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  16. Thanks for the feedback. Will get into practice mode on each ride home.

  17. This is where my hatred of 3 wheelers comes from. :p
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  18. Yup...except we ride in reverse :p
  19. Passed my MOST a week+ back! and finally got around to dropping into the RMS to get my Red Ps.
    Now 12 more months to save some $$$$ and then onto blacks and a new bike.
  20. Good onya!