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Three different laptops for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' started by hornet, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. I really don't NEED three laptops, and I want to buy one you-beaut one, so I'm hoping to sell the three.

    1. Acer Aspire One netbook, purchased December 2008, specs as here, (except I have upgraded the HDD to 320gb, and added a beefy 8 hour battery) (standard battery is 100% ok and comes with the machine)


    I paid around $490; for sale for $200

    2. Samsung R610 laptop, purchased late 2009, specs as here


    I paid around $1,600; for sale for $550

    3. Compaq-Presario CQ42, purchased May 2010, specs as here


    I paid $550; for sale for $275

    All were bought new, all have lived in protective cases all their lives, all are 100% functional in every respect.

    The only disclaimer is that the Compaq and the Samsung have licensed versions of Windows 7, (Pro and Ultimate respectively) and the Acer a licensed version of XP-Pro (not Home) and all will be sold without the licensed OS and software as I wish to retain the license for use on other machines down the track. Likewise with Microsoft Office etc, etc.

    Contact PM, and I can give you my number via PM if you wish to talk. Buyer should expect to pay freight from Wollongong NSW unless you live in the general surrounds, in which case you can pick up the goods, or, if it's a fine day, I can ride out and deliver!!
  2. why cant you be closer? We need a new laptop for Sall
  3. Can you take the p0rn off them first? Don't want to get into any trouble.
  4. actually I forgot to mention one other detail

    they're all beige.....
  5. Sorry wot?
  6. hmm compaq has no wireless (unless i'm mistaken) and Acer too small.

    Sorry Paul, might have to pass. :( Samsung sounds good but more than i can justify right now.
  7. compaq makes good use of its wireless every day at work, Drew, I don't think you can buy a laptop these days that DOESN'T have wireless.....
  8. On the down side, its a Compaq :p.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.