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Three cheers for beers (from nine MSN)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Yay for beer :beer: :beer: :bannanabutt: :smileysex: :blah: :beer:

  2. VB and Tooheys New are goat piss.

    This survey sucks.
  3. +1
  4. And from a related artical.

    Bugger, well there goes the whole point of stupid binge drinking games :(

    Awww bugger, now i have to spend MORE money to have my wicked way with women :cry:

    Well freeking DERR you dont put them to bed, you trow them in the pool, call tham woosy names and stick another beer in there hand :beer:

    Obviouly they have never stood around a camp fire drinking StonesMac :beer:

    :woot: yay for 2 buck chuck and cheap leg opener

    :grin: Yay for drinking too much ALL the time :beer: :beer:

    Pass me another can :woot:
  5. +2

    I like to know who the panel of experts were.

    VB and New don't even qualify as lagers AFAIC because of their use of cane sugar and Pride of Ringwood hops. The Tooheys yeast is the worst I've ever tasted.

    There are some good Australian beers. CUB and Lion Nathan do not make them (I may concede James squire, though it's not as good as it was since Tooheys have bought it out) .
  6. FACT
  7. I wish I was as cultured and refined as you lot.

    VB and NEW for me.
  8. Ahh another one believes the brain-washing. VB and Tooheys beers are advertised as "blokes" beers. So all others must be for wankers right?

    The two big brewers are ripping Australians off. Their practices would be illegal in many countries. Australian beers are thin and laking in malt and this is disguised with the use of rough as guts hops varieties.

    It's not about the refinement of the individual. It's about flavour and Australia's main stream beers are terrible.
  9. Lol, you should note that I did not knock anyone else's beer of choice.

    I just laugh when everyone jumps on the "popular" beers for being rubbish and how everyone should be drinking some fruity european stuff or a boutique aussie beer. It all comes across to me as being a bit better-than-thou when essentially we're talking about some wet and cold liquid which is often imbibed to extreme excess anyway.
  10. +1. Don't know where Choice magazine found it's "experts" - probably a couple of bogans they found in a pub somewhere. As far as the official beer awards go VB doesn't even rate a mention, and rightly so. Tooheys has won a few awards before though, namely for their Hahn Premium and Extra Dry (which are good beers for their style).
    Real results, as evaluated by professional beer tasters/brewers can be found here:
  11. +3

    James Squire is fine, Coopers is decent.

    Once you get past those then you're really into small breweries to get a decent drink in Oz.

    The best thing about the UK is the huge range of good ales (and decent lagers)... but ale is better :p
  12. Great, now we can look forward to even mor expensive mass produced piss from the big breweries.
    Is there a more over rated beer that Crownies?
    And why did they send Carlton Cold upmarket, change it and charge a lot more for a beer that suddenly tasted crap?
    If you guys like a bit of a gamble, buy a case of Tasman Bitter, store it for a couple of months and see what you think.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Carlton Draught for drinking lots/quick.
    Tooheys Extra Dry for responsible drinking
    Kronenbourg for when i want to look like a biatch with fancy beer.

    VB & New are shit, tassie beers are drinkable but sorry people, they dont make you more special than me. crownies is just fosters in a fancy bottle, hahn premium is a nice try at heinekin, corona is for girly-boys. coopers is ok, but not worth the extra wallet lightening.

    this public service announcement brought to you by a professional drunk.
  14. Homebrew 4tw!
  15. absolutely!
    homebrew is the drink of kings and men ;)
  16. Homebrewers are delusional. I should know, I used to be one.
  17. The biggest problem with home brewing is you learn what beer should really taste like (once your learn to do it properly).

    Sometimes I wish I was still blissfully ignorant and could still drink VB. I'm proud to say I could never drink new.

    BTW try Baron's ESB if you get a chance. This company is proof that you can make good beer at a reasonable price.