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Three amigo's spontaneous blatt 18th Oct

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. Nothing too fancy shmancy. I mentioned at Friday coffee that I wanted to go for an intermediate paced blatt. Isle of Cam and Sharkus said they'd be happy to come along. The didn't care where - somewhere out east was all they knew. Hell as far as they were concerned, they were on a mystery ride. :LOL:

    This is what we did on the way out - from Stud road mobil to Mt Donna Buang (credit to Scheff for the paternoster road variation) with a lunch stop in Gembrook.

    And this is what we did on the way back - Mt Donna Buang to Healesville, loop around chum/myers, and back via Yellingbo and Upperbeaconsfield.

    Mt Donna Buang was simply gorgeous today... love that road.

    Thanks to Cam and Simon for coming along. :)
  2. Sounds like fun :).

    (Don't you love Google Maps, how you can SHOW people a road, as well as descibe it??)
  3. No not really, but there's not much that can be done about it. While the well known roads are populated with the unimaginative weekend end warriors who flock to them in their droves, attracting scorn, derision, and heat. It leaves some of the better secret 'fishing holes' out there to be enjoyed without the headaches.
    I was introduced to those roads by some folk who's life mission is to explore every nook, cranny, and corner our hills have to offer. I'm forever grateful for the times they have taken me along and shared them with me, and i appreciate the amount of time and effort they put in to find them.
    Google maps cheats them of their work and robs them of their passion. The frontier riders are a different breed to the weekend warrior types, they do not compare.
    It's something to think about the next time a thread is thrown up that has 'Black Spur' or 'Putty Rd' in the title, and has ten pages of discussion on the evils of motorcycling.
    The last time i was out on one of my favourites i came across a blade that was dropped on a really basic corner. Of course the fully sik rider had his best jeans on for the occasion, but he came out of it unscathed (this time). Didn't stop he and his mate plus a car from standing around discussing the dangers of motorcycling, while the rest of the crew were left waiting for them at the next check point. My problem is, if enough guys throw their bikes into the bushes on that road, and have to keep calling the services to come and fish them out again, the road will be wasted, and we'll have to go out further.
    I'm happy to share the roads i know with the guys i know, including the three rascals in the OP. But not every eTom, eD!ck, and eHarry. They'll have to find them for themselves.
    As i said at the beginning, not much can be done about it though, and I'm not having a crack at you Rob or Hornet. Nowadays these things are going to be posted by someone. I just don't think it's a good idea.
    Glad you guys had a blast, this is another weekend when i wont be out. Maybe that's what's got me shitty. :LOL:

  4. Hehehehe this sort of things makes me giggle. It might not have been for you mate but Cam and I felt pretty "GP-esque" I'll have you know !!!!!!

    Much appreciate your leading us for the day Rob, am looking forward to more.
  5. Funny thing about Paternoster road is that 4 weeks ago (the weekend before the lakes entrance ride), I was just telling Whippet that I've always wanted to go down that road to see what's down there... but I've always been heading towards Emerald and never turned off.

    I looked it up once and thought very little of it. And that's the point actually.

    Google doesn't tell you everything about all roads... they still need to be explored. I discovered Wildwood road, the Berwick/Boundary rd detour and some seriously bumpy fun goat tracks in the spa country and south gippy by exploring the lesser marked roads... there are heaps out there... on google though, they all look crap... true adventurers will seek them out.

    I don't mind sharing, what I've learned though :) Sorry Cheffie. The interesting thing with some of these outa-the-way roads is that they tend to be daunting roads for noobs... best they stick to main ones :) :idea:

    Sharkuss, 'twas great to have a first ride with ya. :)

    Just as a sideline anecdote, Cam and I tuned in our blueant helmet sets and so I was able to give him the traffic report up ahead. That meant Cam was able to safely pull overtaking moves on blind-ish corners. Poor old Sharkuss must have thought that Cam had a death wish, overtaking 2 - 3 cars on blind corners, or he might have thought Cam was a riding god (that's prolly the ONLY time you'll see the words Cam + "riding god" in the same sentence!! :LOL: Sorry mate! )... well, at least up until he cottoned on to the helmet comms. :grin:

    'twas a lovely ride. :)
  6. Hehe, mate, you've made my point for me. If you've put the time into finding the roads that are empty and fun, don't fill em and f*#k em.
    Those that don't know are your best ally, they keep the resources away from where you want to be, and they're off busy crashing into each other instead of us.
  7. completely agree chef,

    i find i only ride with select riders on the good roads now, will ride the black spur with anyone :roll:

    Yep good fun roads are getting harder to find close to home, i had this out with loz in another thread, about the effects of posting all the good roads up in google maps etc.. :(
  8. Fair point Cheffie... but I'm a sharing caring guy, so if it comes up in conversation (like this one) then I don't mind sharing. :)
  9. The people who hear about it by word of mouth are more likely to be the people ruining it rather then very careful pale skinned nerdriders just taking it easy.
  10. The safest place to be on Saturday was with Elle and me on the Reefton and Black. Hardly a bike to be seen, great weather, great roads and no mad people out and about. I was expecting chaos and was prepared for it, really happy to be wrong.

    Rob, pretty sure that Brian and I have taken you down Paternoster before. Agree with Chef, I like to think that the longer we can keep these gems to ourselves the better.
  11. what time where you around reefton/black we were up there about 12.00-1.30 and your right, pass 2 or 3 dukes heading up the reefton and that was it :shock: was a great run
  12. That time exactly. Elle and were having lunch in the Ville @ around 1pm and as we came up the Reefton we saw just 3 bikes and they were all behaving themselves. Quite shocked was I :shock:
  13. Dodgy pocketbike anyone? :LOL:
  14. I've seen those "how to win prize competitions" tv articles heaps of times... not once have I been inspired to change my ways to start entering everything in sight.

    I think it's the same thing with bikers - an interested rider is shown on a map or hears about an interesting route and makes a mental note to check it out one day. I don't think there'll be much of an increase in bike traffic in any of the off the beaten track roads I google mapped.

    Sheesh, Chum creek rd is famous and very accessible and stands out on maps... but it hasn't been filled and closed down by incessant biker use. From that point of view, I think you can rest your heads and hearts fellers and feel confidnet that the interesting side lines are safe from the descending hordes. :)

    Cejay, I honestly don't know if I've been down Paternoster with you before?? It seemed brand new to me a few weeks back as part of the transport leg on the way to Lakes so happy to defer to your better memory. :)
  15. Next week.... :)
  16. Sorry Rob, you're talking about my back yard mate, Chum and Myers are patrolled along with the Black and Reefton. Kinglake is patrolled. Yea, Whittlesea (they're moving their HQ out to Whittlesea) More and more they have become the focus of intense attention and extra resources.
    Those that don't know any better will continue going to the popular spots and I'm all for it.
    The good roads are spread by word of mouth for a reason. If the road is good to you, then you be good to the road. It took me a little while for the penny to drop on that one, sorry to the guys who were waiting patiently.

    The same roads you come and visit every so often and are happy to share with the general riding population, i rely on to be kept 'clean'. I've worn a groove in some of them. I'd hate to lose that groove.

    Mate I'm asking you to think back to last summer to some of the threads that were thrown up about the roads that are listed above. The season is fast approaching when a fresh set of threads containing the same bullshit as last year are about to appear. The backroads are the best way around all of it.
  17. Exhibit 'A' Rob. :wink:
  18. Cheffie, this fear about popularising "off the beaten" track roads is unfounded. The roads that became popular are the obvious ones for obvious reasons (easy to get to, well made etc ) and they became patrolled because well, let's call a spade a spade, they were ridden well outside of the road rules.

    I get your point, but they're public roads mate, accessible to all who care to look or ride, and a mention of one in particular isn't going to change much in the scheme of things. Rest easy mate.
  19. some back roads are actually in better nick then the popular ones, given time they will be found, patrolled and destroyed.....just like the black spur was once upon a time :(
  20. Well i hope your right mate. But i see nothing to be gained, and everything to be lost, so my personal preference is to not take the punt.
    But as i said at the start, while I am against the idea, that wont stop it. With the internet and all things modern, it's inevitable. And there's no point sweating the inevitable. :grin: