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threads about treads

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by theiceman, May 11, 2009.

  1. On a holiday to Qld last week I checked out a few bike shops and picked up a few brochures. I'm amazed at how shallow the tread is on most of these (road) bikes. Some tread patterns only look a couple of mm deep. What am I missing? Did someone decide slicks are the preferred tyre?

  2. It never rains in Qld so we don't need water-removing grooves. :p
  3. Seven days in Qld and five days rain (Caloundra). :wink:
  4. I think you need to get out more...Or you've spent too much time on trailies or in cars... :roll:
  5. It doesn't rain in Vic. either. bring on the slicks.
  6. Naa! Too much time off the bike. But I'm still none the wiser. WTF is the deal with sweet fa tread?
  7. Well, I'm not sure which tread patterns you're referring to specifically, but there have been a few tyres over the years on which the rear has, effectively, no tread in the centre strip. The theory is that, when travelling straight and upright, the front tyre clears a path in the surface water and the rear is running on a more or less dry surface. When the bike leans over, the rear tyre no longer follows the front, but the tread on the outer strips comes into play. Made life interesting in the wet on my first sidecar outfit (no lean of course) with an Avon Roadrunner on the back :shock: :LOL: .

    Otherwise, most of the all rounder type road tyres that I notice seem to have as much tread depth as they ever did.
  8. Because people want as much grip as possible, less thread = more contact patch on the road. My Metlzer Race Techs are basically just cut slicks. You have to be careful in the wet but for the dry there are an amazing tyre. Endless amounts of confidence.
  9. If you mean the actual depth...perhaps check out tyres yet to be fitted to a bike and see what they look like. If they look different to you than those on the bikes, then the answer is clear.

    Cheers - boingk (riding on Bridgstone B92's with lots of depth :grin: )
  10. Thanks Patb and Boingk. Makes sense in dry weather, but I'm hoppin off and pushin mine if it rains. Good example of thin tread depth on new bikes at www.kawasaki.com.au.

    I'm sure my old kwakka z250 had deeper tread (and I distinctly remember a free flowing mullet back then), perhaps everythings getting balder.
  11. Conveniently, I have an old kwakka z200 here with new shoes. Tread depth is 4mm on the rear, and between 4mm and 5mm on the front. I've never assaulted a new bike with vernier callipers before, so I've no idea how that compares...

    A far greater percentage of the area of the tyre is cut compared to modern sportsbike too. 'Tis a good thing - I live on a dirt road that can get a bit slushy in the wet.

    Sadly, I don't have a genuine 70ies mullet to measure up for you as well, but one outta two ain't bad.
  12. hey mate put a new set of boots on my sv 650 dont know how deep the tread is but i can tell you one thing she hangs on in the wet............. about 4-5mm........... michellin pilot road2,s had a set of bridgestone battle axe,s before not bad but the michellins are 10 out of 10 compared to them..... the marshmallow man knows what hes doin...
  13. Mich Pilot roads have 6mm deep treads at their deepest when new. They're just under 5mm deep at the tread wear indicators.

    Them's a good set of tyres in the wet. :)

    {moved to technical}
  14. \

    yea but it gets frosty n road gets quite damp..... at night esp