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Threads about religion.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. There seems to be too many of them.

  2. I really enjoy religious debate.

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  3. If people want to chat about religion why don't they go to a religious site.

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  4. Netrider should have a section called "The Chapel"

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  5. God created everything including Netrider so why not ?

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  1. Religious threads..love them or hate them ??

  2. I think it's a VERY simple matter to simply not open the threads you don't want to read. If it's off topic, it should be deleted regardless of what it is.
  3. Not enough threads revealing the revelations of jospeh smith, ron hubbard and FSM
  4. Start them up - I'm happy to discuss!
  5. They are fine as long as they are not directed at any one member specifically, if you don't like them don't read them. :wink:
  6. Any discussion on pasta or carbohydrate based food is forbidden as it offends my religion which has sole ownership of the topic. :LOL:
  7. bow down to His Noodliness
  8. There seems to have been a bit of a preoccupation with matters religious in the Off Topic section of late.

    Problem is, the threads seem to get a bit heated, somebody locks them then a new one starts up.

    Here's a radical suggestion ....... how about the mods just let the next one run its full course from reasoned discourse to hysterical name calling and hopefully everyone will be so worn out they'll give up and go back to posting about more sensible things like left or right glove first. :p :wink:
  9. My thoughts are...
    I'm over them. I see religious threads as slightly trollish as they always seem to create heated debate. People post them just to get a reaction.
  10. They are not loved or hated.

    They are interesting or uninteresting.

    If they are uninteresting, then they will drop off the bottom of the page, and we won't likely see them again. Such is the nature of forums.

    If they are interesting, then they will remain a topic of discussion like any other thread.

    Whether they are a 'liked' thing or not is determined by their very existence on the front page of a forum - your personal preferences for topics of discussion mean squat.
  11. Should make a subforum called The Pit, where only the strongest and most offensive survive :p
  12. I voted for "the Chapel" - but one thread in off topic for ALL religious debate will at least keep 'em in one place....where they can be kept an eye on :p
  13. ...And if they were to televise live executions from China I'm sure hey would rate well but could you consider them quality television ??
  14. agreed. :p
  15. Does that apply to all carbohydrates or only complex carbohydrates? This I am sure is central to your faith, so are sugars still OK to discuss?
  16. People post things to get a discussion. That's the nature of a discussion forum.

    If you see a discussion that you don't like, don't read it. Why should what you think should or shouldn't be discussed have any bearing on the rest of us? You're not that important.
  17. Whooooops....looks like I've touched a nerve... :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. Clearly its not supposed to be taken literally. I mean how can you be confused as to the infallible divine word penned by His Noodly Appendage :LOL:
  19. Thats alright for some :p

    But some of us HAVE to read them, even if we dont contribute just to keep an eye on who is playing the 'man' and not the subject, and yes over in the 'mod' section some heated debates are frequent as to a thread being locked or not :)

    My view on this stuff, is each to his/her own. My keyboard is probably more religious than me, but that is my choice.
    Any form that asks for my religion gets the same answer... NRA !

    I have some very religious friends and relatives, If they happen to bring up the subject when 'm around I don't give a rats arse. I'll tune out and wont contribute like I have done through the many threads on here [ but I will read them as I must ] The ONLY time you'll get any response from me, is if you where to start trying to convert me, or telling me my soul is doomed etc etc :evil: :LOL:

    What ever god or faith you wish to follow that is YOUR choice not mine :)
  20. No, just partaking in the discussion. None of us are important enough to tell others what to talk about, but we're all free not to read any given thread.