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Thrashed bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cb rookie, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I have somewhat of a longwinded question - though if no one can be bothered, i'll probably just ask Kneedragon:p

    I'm fast approaching my open bike licence, and can't help but gawk at CBR600RRs. So, I have been keeping my eye on classifieds, and second hand bikes pages/sites. I've noticed that no matter where you look, there are bikes that seem to have quite a steep price tag for their year/kms/etc. and others that seem like bargains. No doubt there's likely a more conclusive reason for the cheapies..
    I've no doubt that some bikes may have been thrashed and hence the lower than expected price tag, and having previously bought a lemon, my question is this - If a bike has been thrashed (sportsbike in particular here), what damage does it do? Would one expect it to take more revs to reach speed? This seems logical to me, but my next question is, why would someone buy a second hand track bike? Surely thats a definite sign it's been ringed a lot. Is it not done in order to go around a track faster than anyone else? I'd imagine you wouldn't want a userd and abused bike for that..

    So my question pertains to whether or not track/thrashed bikes are a sound investment for the noob looking to upgrade..in theory.

    ^^ That's convoluded as f*ck
  2. A thrashed bike could be the most reliable bike you ever own, but that depends if it has been looked after with regular oil changes and servicing. Something you may never know, but if the bike looks in poor condition or like it hasnt been looked after then you might question it mechanically. Something you have to watch out for more than thrashed bikes are bikes that have been crashed and rebuilt with dodgy frames and bent forks.

    Theres a guide on this site to bying second hand. buyer beware, maybe take an experienced rider with you to look at bikes.
  3. A friend of mine just picked up last month a 2003 CBR600RR, 37,000 KMs, 8 mos rego, RWC and pretty much stock except for LED indicators. One owner and full service history. He paid $6K. The guy he bought it off of did levels 1 and 2 of California Superbike School and that was it for track days. Pretty good deal I reckon. They are out there. Just need to look and be patient.
  4. No, there is a constant relationship between engine speed and travelling speed.
    But a worn out engine will take longer to build up revs, in other words it won't accelerate as quickly (obviously).
  5. There are some lemons out there with perfect bodies and low km's don't be fooled. A lot of the time, these sort of bikes are owned by people that own it, just to own a bike if that makes sense. The cool factor, ya know....I have a cbr600 or R1, or 1098 but I know nothing about bikes and don't bother doing any maintenance on it.
    Beware of these too....but having said that, these are usually in the higher end price bracket as the owners always have a false sense of their worth, usually because they have thousands of $$ in bling mods that add no real value to the bike.