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VIC Thousands caught in state road blitz

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/thousands-caught-in-state-road-blitz-20100612-y4ic.html

    We have been warned...

  2. Just 88 of 28,000 tested positive.

    This is proof that RBT's are nothing but a tool to stop drivers so that police may hit them with other offenses despite said offenses causing no present harm to anyone.
  3. Have no idea how you see that as proof of your conspiracy theory.

    All I see from that, is 2,500 people got caught doing something they shouldn't, and 88 of those were alcohol related.

    Everyone complains that there's not enough police on the street, and other methods being introduced e.g. speed cameras, are just revenue raising.

    So here we have a blitz, nothing BUT men on the street, doing their job, and yet you can still find that to be the wrong thing.
  4. 88 out of 28,000 is .3%... that's still pretty big... too much.... and we have to be proactive... if they stop putting out RBT's then people will start drink driving again.
  5. Exactly. Better they get them then allow them to put every one at risk.
  6. Yep,

    Well I'm one who hasn't contributed to the coffers.
    Am I lucky?
    Don't know but I'll admit to 5% lucky 95% wise.....

    Better the money in my pocket I say...
    Oh and not to mention that by goody goody riding allows me to ride my bike anytime.....
  7. F*ck the c*nts, they're not getting me. I'm running up and down the pavement making motorbike noises and monoing everywhere.
  8. I got RBT by a SUPER cute chickcopā„¢ last night. She asked how my night was going, I said "Bit chilly", and she said I should find a way to stay warm. It was extremely difficult not to let a fun reply come out for that one :rofl:

    20 minutes later I got RBTed by a much less attractive male cop :/
  9. Proactive rebellion. :D

    Good work.
  10. yep, they are all over the place.
    Stay put.
  11. 88 people out of 28,000 is sweet stuff all in the scheme of things. although it appears some people got tested more than once in the same night so their statistics are out of whack, but then when are they not....hahaha

    RBT's are used only for RBT, you blow you go, nothing else.

    This is not referring to you Smokae, but I'm amazed at how easily some of the people here can get themselves swept up in the hysterics of the government's road safety campaigns. It must be nice to have somebody else do the thinking for you.
  12. For New South Welshman, it has been my experience that an RBT is not merely an RBT.

    For my motorcycle, my capacity, tyres, rego, license and face were checked.

    In my car, I've only ever been RBT'd on my L's, and they checked everything then too, same deal, big walk around, looked at the rego, etc.
  13. Statistically 88 out of 28000 is not a lot. What the statistics don't show is the 1000 or so drivers that decided not to drink and drive that night out of fear of being caught at a RBT.

    Surely that is a good thing.
  14. i wholeheartedly agree with the don't drink and drive thing, but for the love of god why are DUI penalties so effing soft? i had an uncle taken out (he too was drunk, a passenger in a car driven by another drunk uncle) and i've had a few very near impacts by people acting rather non-sober....
    up here in the "backwards" sunny state, the penalty, both financial and points, for driving through an amber traffic light is higher than for being caught pissed behind the wheel.
    and yet exceeding the posted speed limit by a fraction of a percentage deems you an anti-social miscreant.....
  15. Drove from Canberra to stratford in gippsland today on Monaro Hwy Cann valley way. Only cops were the RBT mob in the middle of the road in Cann River. Zip zero nuffin on the notorious canberra/cooma stretch. Yes I got good eyes.
  16. Does anyone know if they setup booze buses around Boozeville (Healesville)?
  17. Slightly off topic but still in the same vein.

    In Sundays Herald there was a piece detailing what that cops have caught people up to.


    If my calculations are right...and they often arent, then that is almost 5.5% of all those 'traffic offences'

    If I'm going to get collect, please sweet Lord, let them be legit drivers/riders!
  18. In my experience, an RBT has always been an RBT. I expect at least two things of an RBT - licence check and breath test - that is given. Only two or three of all the times I have been tested has my licence actually been checked. You must be doing something to get their attention.
  19. Ive never actually been RBT'ed on the bike. They always wave me through...
  20. I've had a "rego check" (cop checking the rego sticker was there and that it matched the plates) at a RBT. and obvioulsy a breath test. but never anything more.

    was in the car with a mate. (green p plater) and there were 4 of us in the car. he got tested. then the cop goes "are you a green p plater?" my mate said yes and they let us through.

    His P plate at the back had fallen down so the cop didn't see it.