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Thousand K Day, well 900+ anyway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Yorkie, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. I did Sydney to Canberra and back in a day last year on a GPX250 (how I miss you old girl) and was pretty tired afterwards, but I've recently stepped up to a er-6f which seems (except for the hard seat, foam will be gaffered on for the event) to be up to freeway k's. Anyway I have an invite to Byron in a month. I really want to go, but don't have a car or a lot of leave saved. Has anyone done that sort of distance in a day and seriously am I mad to think Sydney to Byron straight up the freeway is even an option? If anyone has done that particular route or one similar, I'd like to get your opinion. I figure based on the fuel tank, I stop at least five times to refuel with a breakfast and lunch stop somewhere. Basically I'd be going up on a Friday and coming back on the Monday.

  2. pace yourself and you can do it

    Sept '05 I did Wollongong to Tamworth via all the back roads and back again via the highways/freeways, 1228km in the day

    I left at 5:30 in the morning and got back a 1:05am the next morning, with usual fuel stops and lunch at Walcha before I got to Tamworth (at around 4:00pm).
  3. If you have the oportunity, take thursday off and do it in two days. There are many many good roads to sample on the way up.
  4. 1000 k in a day is getting into minor Iron Butt territory, but doable if you can handle something like 13 hours in the saddle in one hit, twice, assuming you are going to be going home in one hit as well.

  5. Bathurst NSW to Maryborough QLD in one day, 10 inches of rain for 10 hours straight, had to start work the next day, approx 700 miles.
    Bathurst to Melb in one day, to and from, a couple of times. Once with a stuffed front end,
    the bolts in my 8 inch over, springer front end on my Bonnie had snapped off.
    Lilydale, Bairnsdale, Omeo, Mt Hotham, Bright, Whitfield, Mansfield, Lilydale. 900 klms round trip in one day.
    Various 6 and 700 kay day rides,
    42000 kays in just over 2 years on my Bird. No commuting, just for fun. I love to ride long distances.
    My Bird does it so effortlessly,
    I dont like riding in the rain, but I will to get home.
    Have done 2200 klms in a long weekend.
  6. 900km in a day can certainly be done. :)

    The freeway can be a little monotonous and dull, allowing your mind to concentrate on saddle-sores and the too-slow ticking of your trip odometer. There are some fun backroads and twisty roads between Sydney and Brisvegas which provide a welcome distraction and a series of individual goals, though having a quick scan of the map, it looks like there aren't many which could help spice up your trip without adding a heap of time and distance.

    Hmm hmm. Something to think about anyway.
  7. I am going to ride from Melbourne to Kalgoorlie via Ceduna in Sth Australia. There is the worlds longest golf course from those 2 points. Going to take my putter and tent. Has anyone ridden this road? Date is about 2nd of January 2011. Not sure if I will make it a fast there and back ride yet. What do you think Deadman?
  8. 900km+ in a day is certainly do able, but unless you're 'match fit' you'll be buggered.
  9. It will be as boring as the preverbial,3 things to make it easier.Air Hawk,throtal rocker,and
    an Ipod conected to comfortable ear plugs.Make sure you have a brake every time out need juice,15 mins will keep you mentaly alert
  10. I went 1100 km in one day on my blackbird most of it in the rain. The last 200 km was the worst. I'd do it again.
  11. In July (yes it was freakin cold) did Melb Syd via Hume on Fri, a Netrider Wiseman ride Sat, shorter RNP ride Sunday then left Sydney next day on Monday at 8:30AM back to Melb via coast arriving home at 10pm...

    Yes can be done but plan your ride beforehand with regular stops and enjoy the day.
    I did plan to do it overnight on the way back but I was happy and felt good to just keep going....
    Worked for me and will be doing more of them in future....
  12. Did it in Dec 1974, Perth to Melbourne, 2500 miles, 3 & 1/2 Days. Thats one long boring road, and Bloody hot, 300 miles of dirt back then. all sealed tar now. Good road. dead straight for a long way. Fuel is exy, and a long way between fuel stops. Make sure you can make the distances between fuel stops. Google maps are the go, Gives you the distances between stops.
  13. Mid June this year (very farking freezing cold!!!), Sydney-Melbourne in 1 day, 12hrs 2min, door to door with many enjoyable comfort stops, well 1st stop was after 132km, 2nd after 190km...could have easily chopped off an hour or two but riding long distances is about the journey as well...ie, sightseeing, enjoying/remembering the experience.
  14. Ha! thats piss poor,i just did 78 kms on my 1976 900SS-without stopping!
    You blokes dont know your alive.
  15. have a look at this tour i did... a number of big days back to back


    it's about time someone did a big tour and write up on this part of the forum... hasn't been a decent one in a long time now :(

    people keep saying.. "im doing the BIG ONE" ... blah blah blah...

    but then what?


    come on Hornet... and spots... what are you guys doing?

    And where’s that other guy “HALF OF MY LIFE” blah blah blah GOING to do the big one... :blah: :jerk:

    Going to do the big one my ass... bloody windbags... stop talking and start doing!!!! :LOL:
  16. Sydney to Byron is only 800kms, by the highway so it is easy, I have done it to ballina heaps of times including Byron to Newcastle in one day after having my Ls for 3 weeks and that was in 1995 before a lot of the diversions. It's just really boring you can do it in 9 hours if you don't stuff around. Probably 9 and a half to Byron. 10 is more comfortable though.

    Though it's not much of a fun trip and it's not really cheaper than flying once you take the bike cost into account. I would fly and take a long weekend to go riding somewhere fun to use my leave.

    If you need to do it check out the tips on the iron butt website, they work well.
  17. I have a big ride planned, no, really

    Phil had a fall on the Pass in January, tore the ACL in his left knee and broke six ribs, so his round-Australia trip is on for NEXT July.....
  18. I went around OZ in early 1970's, Took me 4 years.
  19. Because we all know what a slow rider you are!!

  20. :LOL: .... details!!

    i'll be watching and waiting.... ;)

    i wonder if stromgirl ever did that New Zealand trip.. that would have been good...

    me and the mrs have an Australian trip planned riding a can-am RT Spyder... but we may be buying another house this week and another next year some time so that may go on the back burner for a while.. :(

    anyways.. we can still dream... :)