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Thousand K Day, well 838 anyway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by hornet, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Well, there's no point talking about it, so this morning I woke early and headed out with the express purpose of riding 1,000kms in the day. What I found out is that it's a lot easier to do if you are going somewhere, rather than just riding around racking up the miles....

    I left home at 4:50AM, rugged up and ready, made my first stop for fuel at Kulnurra, coffee and raisin toast and the likeable Jerry took my picture to add to the massive Hall of Fame gallery in front of the shop. 202 kms

    Again wondering as the weather warmed how people manage to crash at Lemming Corner, and with another fun-filled blast through the Ten Mile on the Putty, I stopped next at Wilberforce. 226kms

    It was around about there that I started to run out of ideas.....

    Next stop was at Nowra, reached via the Oaks Road, Picton, Mittagong, Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley and Cambewarra Mountain. 198 kms

    Now totally bereft of ideas, and with the spring sun scampering rapidly towards the horizon, I rode out to Nerriga and back to Nowra, then home, arriving at 5:10 pm via Kiama, and the Jamberoo Road. 212 kms

    I can't help thinking that if I had set out to ride to a destination 1,000kms away the whole process would have been more straight-forward. That said, I DID manage to seek out as much twisty stuff as I could, so although the goal was not reached, I DID have a great ride :).
  2. With all the twisty roads, it is a heap more fun, but does slow the chase of 1000km compared to just riding major straight roads, so i'd say you did very well, and probably had more fun than a lot of iron butt chasers would
  3. Wow.. sensational!!!

    actually, i feel like a bit of a whimp now... had a day off today.. checked the outside temp on my weather station which showed 11* and thought,,,... nah , stuff that.. im a fair weather rider.. !! lol

    the biggest ride i did was heading back home after crossing the Nullarbor after touring southern WA... once i left Kalgoorlie, all i wanted to do was to get home.... for most of the day i sat on around 130 klicks... i was riding on a Triumph Rocket III which just coasted all day long... man, one of the best rides i’ve ever done :)
  4. Well done.....

    I love long rides!
    I've a taste coming up on Sat 9th Oct as I'm doing the [URL="https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=114493] Far FarRide Series #14 "Bemm River, Victoria"

    I'll be Leaving Melb at 3AM, north up Hume towards Wangaratta, across to Bright, Hotham (Brrrr), Omeo Bairnsdale then to Bemm River.
    Should be around 650K at that stage and need to be in Bemm River before 12PM..
    After lunch, it's about 450K back to Melbourne...
    Idea is 1000K within a 24 hour time frame...

    Did Syd-Melb via coast direct recently so have tested the waters per say!
    Oh yeah, and have the Snowy Ride a month later...
  5. I have done Melbourne to Brisbane in 17 hours, 1000 miles or 1600 klms,
    Its much easier to do when you have a destination, That road up the guts of NSW through Dubbo is one boring stretch of road, keeps you going,
  6. great effort mate.....

  7. We would have done close to 1000kms on the day we were at Jindy, had you have bothered to come for the ride you lazy old sod.

  8. I bet you were. It was freezing this morning.
  9. I did 2200 that weekend, and got drowned,

  10. True true!! Except Hornet still has his license intact!
  11. I was going to say the exact same thing :rofl:
  12. Don't you worry, we got wet too. Cooma to Golburn, without relent.
  13. Hmm, my memory between Gundagai to Golburn?
    100K of heavy rain with temps no higher than 5-6 degrees....

    Bloody awsome time!........:D
    Yeah I know, I'm hooked badly.....](*,)
  14. you have issues. Masochism not the least of those.
  15. I'm glad went on Friday; it's poured with rain all night here in Wollongong, and deluging at the moment.....