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Thoughts - ZXR750's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by i_cruise, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Anybody had one??? I'm in the market for a 1993-95 L model. Are they getting hard to find in good nick??? How much should i be paying for an honest one?

  2. I find them so uncomfortable I can't ride them. YMMV.
  3. haha well thats a shame to hear. i was planning on using one as a cheap tourer.
  4. They're a good trackbike with great handling, but yeah, I find comfort a huge issue. You're a different shape - maybe get a test ride.
  5. The one I rode was heavy, but nice and solid in a good way. It was the first plus 250 bike I rode, so I thought it was the most powerful thing in the world, but I have learnt lots since then. They are a great looking bit of kit, but getting pretty long in the tooth now.

    Lots of people used to rave about their excellent front ends.
  6. Well I've just bought myself one, and I'm picking it up this weekend. I'm hoping if i raise the bars a bit, the comfort issue wont be so bad. True they are an old bike now but I've always liked the look of them. I'll write a review of it once ive had a decent spin, which wont be hard because i'll be riding it from Bathurst where it currently lives, all the way to Melbourne! fun times ahead!
  7. I tried out a friend's '92 model waaaaaay long ago (in 95 or so). Comments above are spot on from what I can recall. A good meaty 750 for its time, and though it's slightly weighty, it's does give you a feeling of being very "planted". Finally, comfortable bikes they weren't.
  8. I've had a ZXR750J ('91) done up to 'K' specs (close ratio gearbox & flatslides), raced it for 3 years, it was awesome, best track bike I ever had, so comfortable, so easy to ride, cheap to make fast & light.

    I also had a ZXR750M ('93), the track version of the 'L' model, much faster and better handling than the 'J' model, it came stock with the race cams and suspension linkages that everyone fitted to the earlier model.

    If my Gixxer got stolen and I had to buy a low-cost bike that could do everything and be fast on track days, I'd buy a '93~'95 ZXR or '96 on ZX7.
  9. I loved my '91 model ZXR so much, I got a pic of it tattoo'd on me!
  10. Well I flew up to Bathurst on Sunday and rode it back to Melbourne on Monday/Tuesday. My lower back is still recovering from this ride, so you guys were right, a tourer she aint!

    However.......that is pretty much my only complaint with the bike. While it can't be considered a missile by todays standards, it still has a fantastic engine. Top gear roll ons from 100 km/h are a great way to kill the boredom of the Hume hwy. Big dollops of torque can be had from 6k onwards, but then again the one i've purchased has a full Yoshi system (4 into 1) and jetted to suit. I'm guessing its not much different from a standard one. Feels much more powerful than the Z750 i used to own and has a much angrier exhaust note.

    Handling?? there are no words... it makes you feel as if youre floating through corners on air, it is such a stable re-assuring bike and when i finally made it to the end of the Olympic highway at Albury i wanted to turn around and do it again. It already has a leather tank protector, ventura rack and lambswool seat cover fitted, so all that remains is a full service and raise the bars a tad. And that my friends is my $4000 ticket to motorcycling heaven. i'll throw a pic up tomorrow.
  11. Sounds awesome. Looking forward to the pics. I always did like the looks of the zx-7's (as they were always called where I was :grin:)
  12. i have some pics of the ride, its doesnt seem to let me upload them though.
  13. Set up a free account at photobucket (takes 10 secs). upload them there. When you click on a particular photo on photobucket there will be a bunch of links on the left. Select "IMG CODE" and simply paste that line into your Netrider post. Taadaaaa...your pic will be in the post.

    It's even easier to do that it actually sounds :wink:

    Looking fwd to the pics :)
  14. [​IMG]

    i had to ride from the guys house to my motel room in the centre of bathurst in torrential rain that night. about 10 kays. funniest looking drought ive ever seen!!
    this is my leathers drying out in the room.


    i pulled over and took this pic somewhere south of cootamundra. beautiful scenery around there.

    here she is at home safe and sound. as you can see the bike is immac for its age. a bargain IMO.

  15. looks like a great example - very clean. Nice one :)
  16. Damnit Johnny O, now you've got me looking for one for nostalgic reasons...I certainly don't need it.
  17. i_cruise, what a nice looking piece of kit. Well done son, well done.
  18. Nice job. That's a clean unit. Brings back memories of Scott Russell's glory years... :grin: Shit, I'm beginning to sound like an old fogie already!
  19. Cool, let's hot rod it and race it!
  20. Looks very nice for it's age. I looked at a 98 one (iirc) - intake vents through the front fairing, all black - looked like Darth Vader. Read great things about the stability and handling, less great things about the weight. Would have bought it if I hadn't found the Zook.

    Enjoy it i-c!