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Thoughts while riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jphanna, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. When you are doing your Sunday morning thrash, what stuff goes through your mind?

    For me being a learner, its simple. Every time I take it out, especially on the same piece of road, I push it a bit harder in the corners. I am thinking ‘ at what point is this going to bite back? Is the front going to go, or the back?’. This is especially in the hills where I live, as most of the corners are still wet even at midday in winter

    Baring in mind, it may seem fast to me….but people behind me are probably thinking ‘why did I get stuck behind a bloody learner on a double white line…’

    What do you think of when you are in the ‘zone’ on your bike, on your piece of favourite turf?
  2. If I'm doing it right then absolutely nothing, and it is bliss.
  3. I don't do a lot of thinking, ever, anyway.

    Do even less on the bike. I analyse my rides after I've ridden them. I just try to apply what i've been taught and build on it so its instinctive.

    If you are thinking about the possible slide you are limiting yourself. Caution bordering on fear will stifle you.
  4. Through twisties, I often find myself chanting this. :)

    EDIT: And now I bet that some of you will too!
  5. You know, I had to think hard about what you're asking. And to be honest, I can't actually remember what I was thinking about on those 'in the zone' days. I just know that everything came together and that I've got a stupid smile on my face just thinking about it.

    But when I'm not 'in the zone' I think about braking points, entry speeds, am I carrying to much speed, could I be going quicker, damn I stuffed that up, jeez I could have gone quicker there, apexes, is that a kangaroo on the side of the road? Is that 4wd going to drift wide/cut in? Why is the guy in front braking? I'd better cover the brakes just in case. Is that gravel 200 meters ahead, etc etc.
  6. For me it's this stuff.

    Still not getting the very basic of basics correct 100% of the time - Mainly vision and to a small degree throttle. Relaxed arms and shoulders is pretty good but I do get a bit tense at times which is a fair indication that SR's are not too far away.

    Fun Ha!
  7. I don't think much on a ride, I don't remember what I think about after.
    Though on the way to work today I know I was thinking
    "gotta shit gotta shit gotta shit gotta shit gotta shit "
  8. Thanks prick, now I can't get it out of my head.
  9. Mainly:

    When is Danger Zone coming on?
    Relax your arms
    More throttle
    Could have used more throttle
    Shit, too much throttle...

    But when you get it right, usually nothing at all, everything flows, Danger Zone comes on, followed by You Could be Mine, maybe some Queens of the Stone Age, & so on. :)
  10. Offsprings 'No Brakes' is not a good song to listen too when comming up on a tight downhill hairpin.
  11. I just listen to trip hop or trance when I'm in the twisties. Anything else just works me up and wacks me out of the cool zone.
  12. Industrial Metal works wonders too, ministry, rammstein, nin, etc.
  13. haha, that's great. just fb'd it ;)
  14. I always have music going through my head, pity that its usually a 5 second loop which repeats over and over and over, but still, its usually the best bit of the songs anyway.
  15. ohhhhh fark!!!!! this corner is coming up quickly 8-[
  16. The metal fans I know always tell me they find it soothing. I reckon I'd get distracted. It's gotta be repetitive and chilled out to keep me focused.
  17. I do not think much - therefore I may not be
  18. Depends on the ride..if it's a commute to work then it's something like..'dont do that..no those arent just Christmas decorations..oh you far'n tool...I know you didn't see me".
    If it's a ride in the twisties for the sake of fun then it's "more power, push...might come back this way too, ah cheshire cat syndrome again....and wahooooooo!"
  19. I used to listen to classical during track days :-s
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    For me my rides are "out" time... so I try to concentrate on the ride and not stuff that has happened. I have found riding to be a very focussing activity.

    I have found that the heavier the music, the better for me... it puts me in the right "space" for concentration.

    This is an oldie.... but a goodie!!

    or maybe some: