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Thoughts wanted on 1999 ZX6R's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Looking for any common faults/weaknesses on this bike.

    Or if you've ridden one and have any feedback (constructive or not) on how they ride, handle etc etc...

  2. I had a 98 model.

    Brilliant bike. Only problems I found was with the carbies icing up and the brakes didn't work too well.

    I fitted a jet kit, a K&N and a Yoshi RS3, it was the best sounding ZX6 on the road ;)

    Comfy as, economical as, loud as, sexy as.

    Buy one, you will love it.

    I think they fixed the brakes issue in the 99 model.
  3. Thanks for the reply Vic. I'm trying to line one up this weekend for a test ride. Plans for the track await her....

    Would also like to hear from people that have done any race/track day riding on this bike.
  4. Hey mate, this is one of the bikes im looking to upgrade to after my CBR250. Either the zx6r or the Honda 600f. The Kwaka's are going cheap! very reliable and fast little bikes they are.

    I've yet to hear a bad word about them and theres heaps of help and info on this site - www.kawiforums.com
  5. I own a 98 model and also suffered the carb icing problem.

    Apparently they didn't fit heated carbs to the Aus delivered models as they didn't think they needed it - WRONG! They soon started fitting heated carbs to them and would replace the early ones with the later heated ones under warranty although it was never a recall.

    When mine started icing up I had a bit of a hunt around and found that Kawasaki had replaced carbs for many years out of warranty if owners bitched enough. So thats what I did. After a bit of whinging, Kawasaki stumped up for a brand new set of heated carbs even though I was the 3rd owner and bought the bike privately when it was 10 years old!

    Other than that - Perfect.