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Thoughts wanted on 1993 VFR750

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MacManMike, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Through an unusual set of circumstances, a 1993 VFR750 has made itself available to me through a deceased estate. What's really unusual is the fact that it has done less than 12,000km and is damn near immaculate.

    I had intended to run the wheels off the K100RS (expecting another 3-4 years more use), and then spoil myself with something nice. However, this VFR is one of the lowest mileage VFRs I have ever seen and seriously has me tempted. Whatever I have, it will always be a commuter / tourer / weekend bike - work for which both are ideal.

    I rode it yesterday and found it tight as a drum. It has the original tyres on it (stuffed), and has been looked after by a "gentleman" rider. The ONLY mechanical thing that has me concerned is that the gearbox felt very stiff and clunky. The K box has its vices, but I was staggered by how stiff and wooden the VFR felt to shift.

    Is this something other VFR owners have experienced? I don't know how long it's been since an oil change, so that could well have a fair bit to do with it. Is it likely that it still has not really had enough use? I've been digging through the reviews I can find online, and there are plenty of reports of stiff Honda boxes on early '90s road bikes.

    In terms of ride position, it's less roomy than the K, and the handling at low speed is less confident. It's near 50kg lighter, and feels considerably smaller. But even at my height (198cm) I think I'd be happy in the longer rides.

    How do VFRs go in terms of carrying large amounts of gear?

    Thanks in advance. Got some serious thinking to do!
  2. I've had two of those. They're pretty sensitive to good, fresh oil to gearbox operation.

    Ace bike. I still reckon they're the most versatile bike I have owned. Classic case of the sum being more than the parts.
  3. Thanks for the info.

    I am REALLY torn. It's taken a while, but I now have the K set up just right for me, and I'd have to sell it if the VFR ends up in my hands. The VFR is a more interesting bike, but the K has grown on me!
  4. check out ozvfr for lots of info on this machine, mate
  5. I'm waiting patiently for them to approve my membership!
  6. Wow, 12,000kms. That would have to just about be the lowest K's VFR in Australia. I had a 1990 model - beautiful red with red seat and white wheels. It used to fairly guzzle fuel around town but on the highway it seemed to just about run on fumes alone. Sounded great - I had a Tingate muffler on mine (still got it......the muffler not the bike)

    I don't remember anything about stiff gearboxes but they were solidly built so I'd imagine that 12,000kms is just starting to get rid of tightness and should loosen up a bit from now on? I've seen those model VFR's with way over 100,000kms on them. A older guy who would appear at the Kew Bouleva

    Funnily enough I was deciding between a BMW (K75) and the VFR back then and the VFR won out.

    Regarding packing things onto it, one thing with the VFR's is that they have those faired in indicators on the back which need a bit of care with saddlebags.

    But although it's no RC30, a low K's VFR like that should be a collectable bike as it was fairly ground breaking in it's day with the Elf swingarm on the back, novel swivel out muffler, fold out pillion handles, nice V4 engine. They were also quite a bit more expensive than the other Japanese 750's of the day too. I'd have second thoughts about getting this particular VFR to "consume" as there's plenty of later models around which aren't as significant as this one. It seems to me that the owner cherished it and I'd be inclined to do the same.
  7. I've been doing some more reading regarding the gearbox. (This is a serious issue, so there's a whiskey on the desk too).

    The OEM shift drum detent arm assembly has a "plain bearing" roller/washer that may or may not run smoothly (depends utterly on finish of your particular parts). There is an aftermarket "roller bearing" version of the same detent arm so thing can move more smoothly - well proven mod sourced from the US.


    I'm going to have another close look at the bike on Wednesday, and hopefully more of a ride so I can check out what is going on. I really was stunned at how rough it was compared to the K which has a box that has been long accused of clunkiness.

    rodericb: when I bought my K 2 years ago, price won out in a big way - there just wasn't anything else close in terms of longevity for $3.5K, certainly no VFRs worth buying. Also important was the fact that it was more of a lounge chair for pillions. Shay's riding on her own now so that's less of a concern now. I hear what you are saying about not consuming the bike - my K has near 100,000km on it and I've done everything I can to look after it and improve it in the time I've had the keys. If I bought the VFR it certainly wouldn't be a thrasher, but the K's would clock up. The deceased owner was a time poor family friend, and I think he'd be happier knowing it was rolling around than gathering more dust.

    Was not planning on buying a bike for a while, but it smacks of a gem!
  8. If the price is right, the bike sounds like a beauty.
  9. No worries MacManMike, I hope you do get it and have many happy miles on it! If it was a 1990 model I'd be twisting your arm so I could buy it myself - I'm going through some sort of premature midlife crisis and want to buy all my old bikes back again :S Oh that red bodywork and white wheels!!

    Anyway before I hit "reply" before I was halfway through writing about an older guy who used to go to the Kew Boulevarde in the early 90's and he had one of the first pro arm VFR's and I think that was heading on to 150,000km's last time I saw him (mid nineties). A friend of a friend has a 93 model and a couple of months ago when I saw him I think it had nearly 100,000km's on it.
  10. Still investigating costs on service items. Still deliberating. I was hoping to get out on the K today to see what things if any bug me, but ended up too busy.

    There aren't many people who need two sports tourers are there? :LOL:
  11. I had a ride on it again today and a closer look at some of the things that need doing. The only real thing I could find was a desperate need for new tyres.

    I was doing well being impartial until I opened it up on an Eastern Freeway entry ramp.

    That VFR sound is amazing... Just the right blend of chaos, violence and precision.

    I think I am done for...
  12. Hee hee they are pretty good hey?

    Get some tyres which are reasonably sticky and have it as a second bike!
  13. That would make a 5 bike garage for two people.

    Does that idea become less outrageous with time?

  14. I made a call last night. The VFR is coming to live with me. I won't be selling the K immediately so I'll have time to warm to the idea. If, while owning both, the VFR disappoints, I can always move it on.