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Thoughts please on my upgrade options

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Marmitemonkey, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Ok, I'm setting myself up for a million opinions, but I'm tossing up btwn a couple of bikes for my upgrade.
    I really fancy a VFR750 if I can get relatively cheap one with less than a million K's on the clock. Plan b) involves either a CB600 or a Kwaka ZR750. However, the ER6 looks nice too, and I've seen one going relatively cheaply.
    Any thoughts from the wise Netriders out there?

  2. Go the viffer :D

    (and wait for the mods to move this to the bike reviews forum) :p
  3. VFRs are great bikes and if you are patient you should be able to get a very good, low-ish km late model for a reasonable price. Although many have done big miles, they are a popular Ulysses/Old Man Bike (but don't hold that against them) so a few must have sat in the garage.

    CB600s are also great (my gal greatly misses her stolen Hornet) but they are not as sophisticated as the VFR, a bit buzzier, the suspension a tad mushier and less 'expensive' in the smoothness of the damping. I'd rate the CB as the better city bike and the VF as the far superior tourer.

    Haven't ridden a ZR750 but they are supposed to be a bit more refined than the CB, as you'd expect from the sleeved-down 900 motor as opposed to the Honda's frenetic re-tuned CBR600 power plant. I guess the ZR splits the difference.

    Personally, I'd be patient and wait for a good, late model VFR750- they are nicer to ride than the VFR800 thanks to carbie and a different firing order, the 17" wheels are better and they were just so well thought out after being in production so long.
  4. 4 totally different bikes, but all kinda comfy. Big km touring plans?
  5. Planning a few trips around the fabbo Aus countryside.
    Would put a trip from central Vic to Bris on upgrade fairly quickly.
    Also want a bike that's fairly comfortable for pillion - Mrs Marmite wants days out on bike too.
  6. vfr.... falls into the "sports tourer" section of two wheel life....