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thoughts on yamaha fzr250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by halifax, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. has anyone ridden one what'd they think?

  2. SOBIL rides one.... anything else to add... ;)

    that is what they do Fizz....
  3. SOBIL aint the only one to ride an FZR. :p

    I've got the 1991 3LN-3 model and i love it to bits! Has a different sound to the CBR's & ZX2R's... can't really describe it but on my bike with an aftermarket pipe - IMHO it sounds meaner. :D

    They are pretty much on par power wise with the ZX2R & CBR, and supposedly with the EXUP valve make a teeency bit more torque in the low end - but a teency bit more of near nothing still isnt much. ;)

    There's a heap of FZR's around these days; a couple of years ago they were almost unheard of. Parts are fairly easy to come across from wreckers, but the documentation on them isn't very good. Only the FZR400 manual ever got translated into English. Only common complaint of FZR's is their carbies are a little fussy; if they're dirty they just refuse to play nice. Other than that, from what i know they have good Yammy gearboxes, and a lovely high redline at ~18500-19500 depending on the model.

    You should be looking at ~$3k for a FZR250 private sale, or high $3k's for an immaculate one. Heed my warning when looking around at any early 90's grey market 250 - don't trust the odometer; your far better off getting a reliable mechanic to have a look at the bike for you as they'll know straight away if the k's are legit or not.