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Thoughts on TTR 250 road trail as first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by petrult, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hi there all, I am new to this forum thing so I hope I've got it right. I am a 28 year old female 5ft 4in late 50kilo range, my husband 6ft 30 years 80 kilos. We are wanting to purchase a bike to share as a first bike for both of us as we have moved to central qld and our son already has his first bike so we can follow him around the tracks. What are your thoughts on a ttr 250 as a first bike for us, I know there is some height issues but I will see what we can do about that, are they easy to maintain, any problems, and what sort of price should I expect to pay for a 2005, 1800 kilometres on the clock in good nick? I would appreciate your thoughts please?

  2. Great bike...................I do happen to now have one for sale :LOL: :LOL:

    Great condition 2000 model, 7000k's tall and short seat, renthal bars, stainless reusable oil filter, K and N air filter, Staintune pipe, drilled out air box and overbored cylinder, top end rebuild and valves and starter bearing after previous owner, 80/20 tyres and spare knobbly tyres, magnetic sump plug, full workshop manual and receipts, close enough to 12 months rego (without going out to the garage to look :LOL: )
    Never been off road with me

    Only selling 'cause I have bought another bike.

    Never miss an opportunity :rofl:

  3. so she wouldnt let ya keep 3 bikes eh? bugger :LOL:
  4. she doesn't know about the bird yet.....................get ready for a volcanic eruption maybe tuesday night :LOL: :LOL:
  5. We've had two TTRs between us as first bikes, and we'd still have them if one had not been stolen by maggot neighbours or friends of like.

    The TTR motor is VERY reliable. The brakes are good for all round riding, and the power is far from intimidating. I commuted on mine for 8 years!

    They are easy to service - my only gripe is the suspension arrangement is devoid of grease nipples. Valve adjustment is by shim and bucket, so might be beyond beginners to do at home. The good thing is that in well over 25,000km if only needed to change shims twice, and once was during a rebuild when the valves were lapped.

    Stock 14:44 gearing is tall for off roading, but 14:48 or 14:50 will see you happy on and off the bitumen - although 100kph is spinning hard.

    7000km is very young for one that has been well serviced.
  6. Would love to keep 3 bikes, just moved to a mining town so only just getting into the big dollars will have 3 soon maybe...

    Jeffatav sounds like a great bike on offer however am located too far away to view etc, will keep an eye out for one out here we live in the sticks so I'm sure there will be a few

    Thanks for your advice MacManMike will take all that on board! Sounds like the kind of bike I will start with anyway.

  7. exactly what we've got. I'm 6'4" and the wife's 6'1". she's xxkg and I'm 100kg so it struggles a bit for me but should be fine for you guys.
  8. and perhaps a higher pitched voice next wednesday for coffee! :LOL:

    i bet you made the sales guys day when you brought it. jeez no more BB, no more firestorm :cry:
  9. Yeah, he knew I was coming in and an easier sale he will never have.

    This is the second bike I have bought through this guy (andrew ) and he must love me for the lack of bull sh!t :LOL:

    Back to OP, Peta you emailed me regarding seat cutting down eyc and youa laso asked my height.

    What is more relevant is my inside leg length which is 0.8m (I know I am a giant LOL
  10. In my opinion, fantastic first bike - especially if you may be inclined to explore a little off the bitumen. Would make a great introduction to adventure biking. Once you upgrade, there are oh so many great options. The TTR would get you familiar with that style of riding and give you an idea of if that adventure style is for you.

    I say go for it!
  11. Thanks Duffman, sounds like the bike I am after, we went to a motorcross meet yesterday and it looked like a lot of fun, the bike would be mostly used for offroad and just the odd run around town. We have decided to buy it don't want to miss out on any more fun!
  12. Great bike!