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Thoughts on TL1000R and Suzuki V-Twins

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Beefcake, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. HI All,

    I'm still on my L's, but that doesn't mean I can't dream does it? :LOL:

    As anal as this may sound, I wanted to get my licence as soon as I saw and HEARD my first V-Twin. Even though a Ducati was my 'ideal' biike, I have settled on the Suzuki V-Twins.

    I have heard a lot of mixed things about the older TL1000S and TL1000R bikes, actually mainly just the TL1000S. People have told me that the engine was the nuts, but frame of the 'S' wasn't designed for the horsepower of the big and therfore handled like a pig. Others say this is untrue and it handled OK but it was in fact the strength of the frame that was compromised. Any thoughts here?

    Also, what would be the best suzuki V-Twin to step up to after I am off my P's, bearing in mind that my still of riding if through the hills etc, listening to the 'roar' of a V-Twin. Are the new SV's much chop? i Have noticed there is no real replacement for the TL1000R. Only a SV1000S to replace the TL1000S.

    It would be great to hear from any Suzuki V-Twin nuff-nuff's like myself about these things :grin:

  2. It was the rear damper (rotary type) that copped all the flack, and that was the main cause for the handling 'issues'. Most reviews I've read suggest that replacing the rear shock will sort most of the problems.

    TBH I don't think I'd be able to ride the bike at those limits on the road to find the handling problems.

    The engine is stonking, the later model S's were derestricted in some way. I'd love one just for the engine personally. The R's look terribly dated to me, and never received much praise.

    No, there isn't really a replacement for the 'R', nor for the 'S' in my eyes.

    Any vtwin (sv650 included) will sound mean with loud aftermarket pipes.
  3. As for bikes to step up to, try looking at the SV650, there's also the SV1000, which I think has an engine based off the TL1000 engine.
    You could also look as paralell twins like the TDM850 or 900, that have the same sound as a twin.
  4. Ive just recently made the jump from a ZZR250 to a SV1000 and its been a very easy transition. Within 5mins I felt more comfortable on the SV than I ever did on my Bandit or ZZR..

    The great thing about the twins is the power delivery is very linear.. No surge like you get on sportsbikes.. You also have power from around 4,000rpm right through to 10k rpm. The SV is a big pussy cat really.. It can do slow docile commutes at 3-4000rpms and will rip your arms off if you give it some stick.. Basically there is no surprises it responds to your inputs predictably which is why its so easy to ride coming from a 250...

    I have a pair of Leo Vince pipes on my SV and they sound really nice.. Not as loud as Yoshi's at idle - 4500 but they come alive at around 5000rpm..

    You get a hell of a lot of a bike for $12k (inc on-roads)..
  5. i recently looked long and hard at buying a TL1000s after coming off my restrictions and I'm still kind of pissed off i didn't follow it through. it was a sweet looking, sweet sounding and CHEAP 1000 v twin (~$5500). Like Cammo said the S model suffered a media crucifixion on the issue of handling and head-shakes (due mostly to the rotary rear suspension) - the initial '97 model engine (125hp) was restricted in later models and they retro-fitted a steering dampner to try and smooth things out.
    for this reason they are a bargain on the used bike market and most sources i've found tend to say the problems were way over-played.
    Big ballsy awesome sounding twin. i'll get one one day.
    I'd recommend a TRX850 if you want something a bit more sorted - good resale value and a hoot to ride. Have the big twin sound even though they are a parallel layout.
  6. Hi all

    please correct me if i'm wrong,
    didn't the TL1000S have 3 factory recalls???

    i remember seeing a friends with all of these recall updates attached to the frame

  7. Hi REV

    This article has just one recall in it, for a steering damper - see here

    And I too think the SV1000 is a fine bike with plenty of bang for buck
  8. Twingirl.... OH TWINGIRL...

    they're talking about your favourite subjects, V-Twins! and TL's to boot!!!